Are you getting married during the month of October? Or, perhaps you and your partner prefer alternative styles, and don’t want to stick with traditional wedding photography.

Below, we have listed 16 spooky yet romantic photoshoots that will, no doubt, inspire you to get creative with your own.

1. Foggy Mountain With Fairy Lights

If you’re thinking about having a photoshoot that’s 50% spooky and 50% romantic, this may just be the one to inspire you.

All you need to do is find a forest nearby, grab some fairy lights, and wait until it gets dark enough. This photoshoot is so aesthetically pleasing, and looks incredible with the vibrant lights against the dark trees. 

2. ‘Til Death Do Us Part…

When you get married, you’ll be together until death do you part. If you ask us, ‘death’ is a pretty great theme for a Halloween-themed wedding.

This photoshoot uses a red, velvet sofa surrounded by pale flowers and lit candles, with a neon sign that reads ‘Til Death’ above it. You and your loved one can rest your feet and grab some great photographs with this layout.

3. Wedding Date On Pumpkins

When we think about Halloween, there are a few motifs that spring to mind: ghosts, spiderwebs, skulls… and, of course, pumpkins!

There are so many ways that you can adorn pumpkins throughout your wedding photoshoot (more on that later) but here, the happy couple have carved their wedding date into the pumpkins themselves.

4. Smoke Bombs

The two colors that typically spring to mind when one thinks of Halloween, and fall in general, are orange and black.

By utilizing some orange and black colored smoke bombs, you can create a misty, vibrant background for your and your partner’s photoshoot. If you’re planning on wearing black when you get married, even better!

5. When Gomez Married Morticia

Gomez and Morticia Addams are everyone’s favorite gothic couple, and are always a great choice for a couple’s Halloween costume. 

Why not take it to the next level, and dress as them for your wedding? This is a stylish statement that’ll give you even more aesthetic opportunities for your wedding photoshoot. 

6. Ethereal In The Dark Winter

Sometimes, less is more. If you’re willing to wait for night to fall before your photoshoot begins, you will have a lot more opportunities to create spooky atmospheres.

All you’ll need for this photoshoot is some candles, and a forestry backdrop to pose in front of. The light of the flames will illuminate your and your partner’s faces and outfits, making you both the center of attention (as you should be on your wedding day).

7. Masks In The Woods

Now we’re getting into the real spooky stuff. After all, Halloween is meant to be scary! 

You might not want to wear masks while walking down the aisle (unless you want to give your Grandma a heart attack before you read your vows) but, when it comes to the photoshoot, anything goes!

8. Smoke Covering Faces

While this example is taken from an engagement shoot, there is no reason you can’t take inspiration for your wedding shoot.

The smoke covering the couple’s faces creates an eerie and exciting image, causing them to look powerful as they stroll through the woods.

However, we don’t recommend this one if you have asthma, or any other breathing complications.

9. Horror Movie Theme

Halloween is all about scary movies, and we all have our favorites. Why not invite your favorite villain to your wedding?

You could even ask a guest to play the character, asking them to wear a mask and hold a prop weapon behind you for the shoot. Whether you prefer Jason, Freddie, or Ghostface, this is a creative way to grab some exciting snaps.

10. Candles On The Staircase

A stairway to heaven, or a stairway to hell? Either way, you can grab some gorgeous photographs if you can find some steps to stand on.

Cover the stairs with some candles and pumpkins (in a spooky color, such as white, black, or orange) and stand in the center with your loved one for a romantic yet spooky shoot.

11. Abandoned Structure/Building

This photoshoot took place in a ranch, but any similar looking structure will work if you’re feeling inspired enough.

The background of a plain structure or abandoned building will create creepy vibes that’ll scream Halloween. You won’t even need any props, unless you want to add some to make your shoot more unique.

12. Wedding In The Woods

The best setting for a Halloween-themed photoshoot is, as you can already tell from the previous entries in this list, a forest.

Your bridesmaids could hold some candles instead of bouquets, and stand at the sides while you and your partner take center stage. 

13. Pumpkin Heads

Using empty pumpkins as masks, or placing pumpkins in front of your face, are popular poses for spooky shoots in recent years.

This shoot takes the idea to the next level, adding some smoke bombs into the mix. All you need is two pumpkins to hold, and you’ve got yourself a simple yet effective photo opportunity.

14. Nightmare Before Christmas

This photoshoot was inspired by the animated movie that we all grew up with: The Nightmare Before Christmas.

A bride wearing a leather or denim jacket over her dress is such a great idea for a Halloween-themed wedding shoot, adding a little flare to the photographs.

15. Haunted Veil

While veils are traditional garments that are often worn by the bride, there is no denying that they can look a little spooky, especially if the wind picks up.

By asking some guests to grab a section of the veil and stretching it out, you can create a ghostly appearance, especially if the photographs have been taken in the woods.

16. A Marriage Of Ice And Fire

Lastly, we have an idea that all Game of Thrones fans are going to love!

Just like the Addams Family themed wedding shoot, this one allows you and your partner to dress and pose similar to Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaraen. Double points if you get your furry friend to pose beside you! 

Final Thoughts

If you and your future betrothed want to stray away from traditional, lovey-dovey photographs on your big day, we definitely recommend taking a look through the examples above. They are romantic, yet fit the Halloween theme down to a T.

We hope you found this article helpful.

Good luck!