I will be traveling to Germany with my dog and staying there for one year. Are pet sitting services or dog boarders available in Germany?

Animals, particularly dogs, are well loved in Germany and there are some really fabulous boarding facilities for them. A pet boarding facility is a Tierpension and the local animal shelter is a Tierheim. A website with a good, although not complete, listing of boarding facilities is http://www.tierpensionen.de. It is in German but you should be able to find something near you by clicking on the interactive map or inputting the city name (Städtesuche) on the left.

You can also always look in the local yellow pages (GelbeSeiten.de) for Tierpension, or call the local animal shelter (Tierheim) for a list of boarding facilities and pet sitters in your area.

A source of general information can be found on HowToGermany.com in this article about Pets in Germany.