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German Culture

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German Holidays

Discover the best German holidays and learn how to make the most of them as an expat living in Germany. From Oktoberfest to Christmas markets, find out how to experience the best of Germany!

Churches and Religious Activities in Germany

Explore the world of churches and religious activities in Germany. Learn about the various denominations, how to join a church and how to participate in religious activities. Get tips from expats living in Germany.

No Smoking Laws in Germany

Discover what you need to know about Germany’s no smoking laws. Learn about the different regulations for public and private places and how to stay compliant. Get the facts to stay on the right side of the law.

Germany: Basic Facts

Learn basic facts about Germany and how to settle in as an expat. Get tips on German culture, visa requirements, and more. Discover the best of Germany!

Searching for Your German Ancestors

Discover the secrets of tracing your German ancestors! Learn how to research your family tree, where to look for records, and tips to make the process easier. Uncover your German roots today!

Bumps and Jolts on the Cultural Road

Navigating Germany’s cultural landscape can be tricky. Get tips on how to adapt to the local customs and lifestyle. Learn how to make the most of your expat experience in Germany.