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The multitude of German and EC laws and regulations relating to liability, ecology, employee health and safety, transport, and a multitude of other issues involved in running a business are daunting  even for longstanding local companies.

This complexity demands the expertise of a capable and experienced insurance specialist as a partner protecting the financial interests of his clients. In the same way as a local lawyer or tax consultant is a key partner – so too is a local insurance provider with his understanding of risks in the German environment.

Here is a checklist of services that a good insurance specialist can provide:

  • An initial analysis of the company situation and relevant risk potential.
  • Development of a risk management concept tailor-made to the needs of the client. This is particularly important for companies providing unusual services and products.
  • Regular check-ups to ensure that changing risks within and outside the organisation are correctly anticipated and combated.
  • Speedy, non-bureaucratic, and competent support when claims arise. Delays here can mean swift insolvency!
  • One contact point to efficiently handle insurance, company pension schemes, and finance issues.
  • International expertise providing cross-border solutions relating to employee benefits and healthcare plans.
  • Emergency hotlines for staff and management on business trips – around the world and 24/7
  • Protection for staff and management with regard to illness, accidents, disability,  and death as well as legal prosecution and claims for compensation.
  • Help to surmount the language barrier.

Germany is the largest European market, the fourth strongest economy in the world and the largest in Europe with a highly qualified and motivated workforce and an excellent infrastructure.

A strong insurance partner behind you providing a comprehensive and competent service leaves you with your hands free to get on with your most important activity –successfully running your business in Germany.