Let’s first clarify the difference between postal and courier companies. The federal government manages many countries’ postal services although some have been privatized (Germany in 2005, for example), and are mostly suitable for mails, letters, envelopes, parcels of a smaller kind and lower weight. When choosing a postal service, you are usually asked to drop off your package at the post office, since a door-to-door service is offered rarely. Courier companies, however, are mostly private and specialize in shipping bigger and heavier parcels. Contrary to national posts, they will be able to deliver your items in a shorter time – usually 5 to 7 days. Also, a door-to-door service is very common in this case.

Speaking of reliable courier companies, as stated in our article “The German Post Office and Postal Services”, the former DHL International was acquired by the privatized Deutsche Post AG. It makes the services of DHL well known, not only in Germany and Europe, but also worldwide. If you’re looking for a service suitable for your letters, parcels and packages in more than 220 countries – this is the right choice. If you’re eager to pay more for having your belongings shipped faster, the express service is also available.

Other company setting an example in Germany is DPD Group. DPD is the second-largest international delivery network in Europe, and provides service to both B2B and B2C customers in 35 countries. DPD Germany is part of DPD Group, and it’s a warranty for whoever wants to ship something either within Germany, or across Europe.

The internationally known and recognized UPS and FedEx also operate in Germany and throughout Europe. Other courier companies operating in Germany include TNT, Hermes and GO! Express.

But there is also another famous player on the market – founded in late 1999, GLS had no struggle to prove its efficiency in Europe. GLS Germany can be proud of its 63 national depots, being able to provide delivery service within Germany in approximately 24 hours. GLS is the perfect choice both for dispatchers and private individuals.

Apart from pure shipping service providers, a lot of new figures arose across the continent lately. If you are not sure about which of the discussed courier company suits you better, then a newest figure in the logistic field may definitely help you: a company that intermediates between customers and courier service providers.

Really capable of making a mark is a British company Eurosender, an online booking platform for door-to-door shipping services. Established in 2014, the company’s efficiency was widely proved, and the service is now guaranteed in all EU countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. What makes Eurosender’s service different from others is that you can book your shipping with the most reliable European courier companies, such as already mentioned DHL, DPD or GLS, but for an even better price.

The system will automatically select the service provider offering the best price for the selected route. What’s more, your parcels will be collected and delivered at your doorstep! And there is no need to print the label either. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps, and you will be able to finalise the order in a couple of minutes. Good news is that Eurosender now offers B2C, B2B and C2C service! This way you can both book a shipment for that heavy luggage you don’t feel like bringing with you on the plane, or arrange a transport of your furniture if you’re moving and settling down in another country. Currently, the offered services include national and international standard courier services and freight transportation.

What about the future then? Rumour has it, that in a few years packages will be delivered by drones – which are currently used to facilitate many other things that humans do. Amazon, the giant of e-commerce, already announced its intentions in launching the “Amazon Prime Air” service. However, its pros and cons haven’t been evaluated yet, so this plan will take time to be fully implemented.

Needless to say, the logistics industry is putting more and more effort to make the shipping services even more advanced and eco-friendly: almost all the invoices, delivery sheets and receipts are now digital. The market is constantly improving, and who knows what technology next years will bring us?