The Story of HowToGermany

The website of How To Germany was launched in March of 1998 and celebrated its 25th year anniversary in 2023. 

It is therefore the oldest ongoing website for expatriates in Germany, and still have millions of visitors.


How We Started

How To Germany has roots going back to the early 1990’s before the publicly available internet where it was a printed magazine. The original print publication was also about moving to, and living and working in Germany, and was available to the hundreds of thousands of native English speakers as well as those whose first “second”  language was English.

The first iteration of the magazine was published by an American company with an office in Frankfurt. It was called A Guide to Living and Working in Germany. The company published monthly leisure themed magazines for the US Forces as well as several yearly special issues that were focused on local communities. Those magazines were widely distributed throughout Germany and Europe. The Guide to Living and Working in Germany was its first foray into publishing magazines for the civilian English speaking residents of Germany.

In July 1997, when the company closed its Frankfurt office, the General Manager, Chuck Emerson, started a new company – Emerson Media Services, and re-named the magazine to its current title of How To Germany.

Recognizing early on the immense potential of a budding internet www.HowToGermany.com was launched in early 1998. The print version and the website were available concurrently until 2012. The print version was discontinued and a digital version of the magazine was made available as a download on the website in 2013.

Over the ensuing years the number of articles on the howtogermany.com has grown to over 180 separate articles on various topics.

Change of Ownership

After a quarter century of magazine and website publishing, Emerson Media Services was acquired by a Danish media company that was very interested in expanding and modernizing How To Germany. They acquired the company and established How To Germany ApS – a new entity dedicated exclusively to How To Germany.

The management of the new company has an extensive background in media and brings years of experience to the table. They also have a long history in dealing with various expat markets and services. 

Company Information

If you wish to know more about the legalities of How To Germany ApS please find further information in the Danish Central Business Register where How To Germany ApS is registered as a limited company.  

CVR VIRK How To Germany ApS

The Danish Central Business Register

The Future of HowToGermany

HowToGermany will stay committed to enhancing and modernizing HowToGermany and provide even more value to its readers. The website will further its status as a resource for expats in Germany, providing a comprehensive guide to all aspects of life in Germany.

Rasmus Clarck Sørensen CEO of How To Germany


Co-Owner & Director

Chuck b w 4th July 1


Founder & Sub-Editor

Aske Schou Nielsen Project Manager


Project Manager

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Co-owner & Editor


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