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Business Development Germany

Business Development Germany was founded to help and support foreign companies onto the German market and is now a renowned expert in this field. By working with us, you will have instant access to all the necessary know-how and expertise needed for a successful entry in this attractive but demanding market.

Our core focus is the combination of strategy and suitable sales-oriented services. This is a balance that creates a unique profile, since it strives to combine the intellectual gravitas of long-term strategy with very hands-on and daily sales efforts.

We consider ourselves as your main point of contact for the German market and manage and coordinate all necessary activities and partners for this purpose on your behalf.

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Based on many projects, we have developed a tool-set of methods that allow a high degree of efficiency, while ensuring the quality that is important to us. This is why we have chosen to work on the basis of DIN ISO 9001:2015 based standards and are annually audited on our journey to improve and perfect the services that we offer.

We love what we do and are driven by creating good results together with our clients. Only if we see this potential and are sure that we can shoulder the task ahead, we will take on the project. This is a sign of our straightforwardness, but also of a style of business that we tend to enjoy.

Standards and Methods

Based on many projects over the years, we have been able to define some standards and methods that increase the impact of the work and make daily operations more concentrated and efficient – for all involved parties.

BDG is one of the leading German consultancies for building up sales and new business with a team of 40+ skilled experts.

  • How to find distributors
    Finding a distributor, a sales partner or a joint venture partner is classic request of many companies. To simplify, we have chosen to call it a ‘distributor search’, but this covers all kind of systematic search and validation of partners in the German market. Only clients are excluded of this process, because these would be approached in the frame of a sales process.
  • German-Market-Readiness-Index (GMRI)
    One of our newest methods is a test that was developed over two years and that aims to define the degree of readiness of a certain company to enter the German market.

Sales approach and direct sales services


Sales services belong to the backbone of what we do and we are passionate about placing good products and solutions with your new German clients! We have developed an approach that combines years of experiences with dedication and excitement, the BDG SALES PROCESS®:


  • Lead research & identification
  • Ongoing key-accountment
  • Growth and in-depth strategy
  • Distribution channel management

BDG is your sales and marketing-oriented consultant for the Germany market. We combine passionate sales-craftmanship with heavyweight strategic intellect – you’ll probably not find anyone else with this profile in the center of Europe’s biggest economy.

If our approach and methods appeal to you, then we look very much forward to an introductory conversation.