Since English is the most widely used language in the western world, it is logical that there should be English-language churches throughout continental Europe, including Germany. Hence the many native English speakers here, especially those in the large cities and those near British and American military bases, should have no trouble finding a suitable place of worship. If you live near a base, a call to the chaplain’s office probably will get you information on religious activities.

A downloadable pdf file with a list of English speaking Catholic churches in Germany can be found at

Probably the most extensive on-line listing of services in Germany is provided by the International Baptist Convention at

There is a website that lists all the Churches of Christs in Germany and German-speaking countries. The website is

The United Methodist Church in Germany has a website at

For some Lutheran, and non-denominational Protestant churches try

Anglicans can find churches in various countries (including Germany at: The Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe has an interactive map with church locations at:

There is a large Muslim population in Germany and a large number of mosques. The German word for mosque is Moschee. The website can locate mosques by city. Click on “Moscheeadressen.” The mosques often represent a country and services are usually conducted in the language of that country.

A good online source for locating a synagogue is This is the website of a weekly Jewish Online Magazine and has extensive directories.

There is a Bahá’í House of Worship near Frankfurt/Main in Hofheim-Langenhain. For more information on services and hours go to

The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Germany has a website with information in English at

For links to Unitarian Universalist fellowships throughout Europe, including Germany, visit:

Churches in the Frankfurt am Main area:

Saint Leonhard’s International English-Speaking Roman Catholic Parish
Alte Mainzer Gasse 8
60311 Frankfurt am Main

St. Mary’s Parish of English-Speaking Catholics
Wachenheimer Str. 58
Liederbach am Taunus

Trinity Lutheran Church
Nibelungenallee 54
60318 Frankfurt a.M.

Unitarian Universalists Rhein-Main (UURM)
meets monthly at Christ the King Church
Sebastian Rinz Strasse 22
60323 Frankfurt