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Mailing a letter to Germany

Send mail abroad with ease! Learn the basics of mailing a letter to Germany – from addressing to postage. Get tips and tricks for successful delivery. #expatlife #germany #mailing

Cell Phones

Learn how to buy, use, and dispose of cell phones in Germany. Get the best tips from an expert to make sure you’re prepared for your move. Get the must-know information on cell phones in Germany.

Telephone Prefixes in Germany

Confused about the telephone prefixes in Germany? Learn all about them with this helpful guide! Discover the basics of German phone numbers, and how to make and receive calls in Germany.

The German Post Office and Postal Services

Learn about the German Post Office & the postal services available to expats living in Germany. From post boxes to international mail, get the facts & tips you need to make sure your mail gets where it needs to go.

All About Recycling in Germany

Learn all about recycling in Germany! Discover the importance of recycling, how it works and how to make sure you’re doing it correctly. Get the facts about Germany’s recycling system and make sure you’re doing your part!

Funerals in Germany: “You Can’t Afford to Die”

Funerals in Germany can be expensive. Learn how to plan a funeral, save money and understand the cultural norms. Get the lowdown on the cost of dying in Germany and how to pay for it. All the info you need to make sure you don’t “die broke” in Germany.

Finding Domestic Help in Germany

Get the essential tips for finding domestic help in Germany. Learn the ins and outs of the process so you can make the right decision with confidence.

Mobile Phone Service When Traveling to Germany

Traveling to Germany? Get the lowdown on mobile phone service with this guide. Learn how to get connected and save money on calls and data. Get the inside scoop on German mobile phone service.

Telephone Services in Germany

Find out more about telephone services in Germany. Learn about landlines, mobile phone plans, and more. Get the best tips for expats in Germany to make the most of their communication needs.

Radio and TV in Germany

Learn all about the German media landscape and how to access radio and TV in Germany. Get tips on how to stay up-to-date with news and entertainment from the comfort of your home. Get the most out of living in Germany!

Setting up a Household in Germany

Learn the basics of setting up a household in Germany. From opening a bank account to getting a residence permit, we’ll guide you through the process. Get all the info you need to make the move to Germany easy and stress-free.