Some hotel guests simply want a good night’s sleep, others good dining, and yet others want to be pampered and spoiled. German hotels cater to all.

If you are planning your vacation in Germany, you can anticipate a wide range of choices when it comes to hotels. Throughout the country there are wonderful accommodations in which travelers can really get comfortable – and that includes lodging in all price ranges.

Germany is a land of diverse culture, with spacious preserves, natural attractions, and interesting cities all unique in their offerings. In more than 30,000 hotels visitors can find the hotel of their choice virtually anywhere throughout the land: All the way from Germany’s northern seacoasts, through the midland plains and down to the Alpine heights in the south. It makes no difference whether you want to be embedded in nature or anchored in the excitement of a swinging city. German hotel choices run the gamut from small, personalized houses all the way up to giant modern complexes.

Booking Hotels

Anyone looking for a hotel in Berlin or for that matter in any other German metropolis has a good chance of obtaining a room merely based on sheer good luck just by showing up. Of course, there is always a certain element of risk that no rooms may be available. Seasonal activity such as a very large convention or trade fair, or a huge turnout for a major sports event or cultural happening can derail one’s plans. Travelers planning on visiting Germany who wish to avoid this kind of situation can do so by booking their hotel room through a specialized online Hotel Search.

Using comparative pricing, travelers can seek out a specific destination and date for the type of hotel that best appeals to him or her – and get it at the most economical rate. Everyone finds the right nest for the night as requests pass through various criteria filters. These include price, distance from downtown or transportation (airports, bus and train depots) and the style of accommodation — plain or fancy. Additional information concerning the destination itself and local attractions and activities is complete with photographs. Commentaries are also often included.

In the luxury class Germany’s top hotels are second to none and there is no limit to their offering. Whoever wishes to sleep on an especially high level – particularly in Berlin, the German capital, can savor the grand tradition of Berlin’s historic Hotel Adlon. Munich, Hamburg and the other great cities offer the finest luxury, too. However, guests are expected to dig deep in their pockets for that kind of splendor. You can find luxury hotels in Hamburg here.

Of course, there are plentiful places to stay for those who love crystal-clear streams, deep forests and towering mountains. From the Baltic Sea in the northeast to the Westerwald, east of the mid-Rhine, from the Rhineland Palatinate in the west to the Bavarian Forest in the southeast, small hotels abound. Guests can really take in the pleasure of nature, find rest and recuperation or enjoy sports activity. Prices in many of these small hotels are very often quite modest.

For those who are stressed out many German hotels offer spa activities in Fitness-Zones. There are numerous Wellness Hotels that are entirely devoted to good health. These hotels cover every price category and can be found in the length and breadth of the German Republic.

In small hotels in the country visitors can readily enjoy personalized hospitality and relaxation. Families are also very much welcome in many of these lodgings. Some of these also offer their own large entertainment and recreational programs for children so that their holiday experience is enjoyable, too. Many apartment-hotels have sufficient space for large families and groups.

The visitor to Germany is well served when it comes to gastronomic pleasures. Hearty, solid, every-day cooking vies with international specialties on German hotel menus. Old time favorites compete with contemporary cuisine. German hotels can proudly boast when it comes to the absolute sine non quo of great dining – no fewer than seven of Germany’s most renowned, great hotel restaurants boast the coveted 3-Star Michelin rating in the new 2010 Red Guide.

Another new trend in the German hotel scene are Designer Hotels. These are almost always found in the biggest cities. They are extremely modern and smartly decorated with art and artifacts. This is where the hip in-crowd gets together. They are the ones who place high value on design and aesthetics – without sacrificing comfort and convenience…even if there is disagreement about artistic values and taste!

Germany’s numerous hotels can offer comfort in every class and the broadest range of pricing. Whether rustic or ultra modern, traditional or trendy, more suited for family vacations than business, lost in the beauty of Germany’s natural treasures or in right in the heart of the big city, German hotels offer value and comfort, and, best of all, reservations are a mouse-click away, giving you all the information you need upfront, assuring you affordable accommodations in the ambience and setting you seek.