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MAW – A German Tax Services Company

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Head Office:
Auditors, Taxation consultancy and Lawyers in Darmstadt
Birkenweg 24
64295 Darmstadt

Phone +49 6151 38940
Telefax +49 6151 38 9410

E-Mail: [email protected]

MAW in Frankfurt
Oppenheimer Landstraße 17
60594 Frankfurt am Main
Phone +49 69 97205055
Fax +49 69 174925

Bad Homburg
MAW in Bad Homburg
Tannenwaldallee 2
61348 Bad Homburg
Phone +49 (0)6172 85567-0
Telefax +49 (0)6172 85567-10

MAW in Berlin
Berliner Straße 57
10713 Berlin (Wilmersdorf)
Phone +49 30 86208617
Fax +49 30 86208618

MerzArnoldWüpper – MAW for short – is a full service tax consultancy focusing on the Expatriate Community in Germany.

The MerzArnoldWüpper head office is located in Darmstadt. Affiliate offices are in Frankfurt, Bad Homburg and Berlin. Together with our international partners, we provide services for individuals; the self-employed; companies (small and large); foundations and other organizations.

Accounting, auditing, tax preparation and planning as well as tax and finance-related legal consultation are MAW’s prime activity areas. All our services are provided in English by a team of seasoned, trained specialists who are as adept in English as they are in German.

Our areas of tax consulting include:

  • Tax returns
  • Counsel in taxation issues
  • Tax Planning
  • Taxation of International networks and issues
  • Taxation of non-profit organizations and foundations

Receiving constant updates on taxation and legal matters from around the world, MAW can help you and your company in fulfilling taxation requirements, keeping you in full compliance. Complicated issues involving international operations and non-profit organizations can benefit. Refund of VAT/MwSt is another area where MAW can be of assistance.

In addition to tax consultancy, we also offer:

  • Legal consulting for tax issues; inheritance law; international tax law; corporate law; employment law; social insurance law and other specialties
  • Auditing services to include audits of annual financial Statements; special and specific audits; business appraisal and other specialized services

Whether it is a matter of filing personal or company tax returns, planning for the future, clarifying current operations MerzArnoldWüpper can provide precisely those services you need while living and working in Germany. Contact us for an evaluation of how we can best serve you, your family and your firm.

MAW also has offices in Switzerland in St Gallen; Austria in Vienna; and in Izmir, Turkey. Working with its network of partner firms in the UK, France, Bulgaria and a slew of other nations globally, MerzArnoldWüpper can serve your needs within Germany and worldwide.