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There’s a world of difference between the duties, responsibilities and the very nature of what notaries and lawyers are empowered to do here in Germany and back home…

Whether you are buying or renting a house or creating contracts of any sort, it is essential to know just who does what with whom and how!

  • If you rent, it is worth checking the contract with the local tenant association (“Mieterverein”). Tenants have extensive rights in Germany and legal costs tend to be much lower than in the US or UK.
  • If you decide to buy, the process is entirely different. You will not necessarily need a solicitor but you will definitely need a Notar. He or she will not want to be confused with a notary public. The German Notar is a lawyer (with additional education and further exams) who works for both sides and also has judicial powers.
  • German consumers are usually not represented by a lawyer when buying property, but entrust the whole process to the Notar.
  • In many parts of Germany (mostly Berlin and the north) the Notar is also allowed to practice as an attorney as long as the cases are kept strictly apart. Thus clients who, for reasons of translation or sheer practicality, choose to be represented by their own attorney often ask to be represented by one who is also a Notar.
  • It is worth noting that procedural provisions, ethics and fees for the Notar are the same for the whole profession. To discover the important differences and learn with whom you should be working, come visit us by clicking