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The first online application in English for your German income tax return

Everyone should submit an income tax return

  • According to the German Federal Statistical Office, nine out of ten employees in Germany receive a refund when they submit their annual tax return.
  • Users of have had an average refund of around 1100 euros due to the customised tax-saving tips.
  • Your tax return can take less than an hour to complete with
  • In following years, it is even easier and quicker due to the automatic transfer of entries.

The perfect application to secure your maximum tax refund

  • is ideal for employees and freelancers working in Germany, especially if it’s your first tax return.
  • You are safely guided step-by-step through a clearly structured interface.
  • Any entries you make are automatically saved in your free account.
  • It is all in English, every step of the process.
  • Many explanatory texts help you to understand what is needed and key German terms are given in brackets to help you navigate through your tax documents.
  • You can contact us via email or call our hotline if you have any questions about the process.
  • Our software also tells you in real time how much you can expect to get back as a refund, so you know if it’s worth the one-time fee.
  • Filing a year’s tax return costs 34.95 euros once. You can make unlimited changes and re-submit free of charge.
  • This fee is also tax-deductible.

When to submit your tax return

  • Most employees can submit their tax return for any past year from as early as January 1st of the following year. You can secure your refund for up to four past years.
  • You may be required to submit an income tax return (e.g. because you had income in another country in the year of relocation) by 31.07. of the following year.
  • The tax office usually takes four to ten weeks to pay the refund into your bank account.

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