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The first and only tax software created by US Expats for US Expats that makes filing taxes back home easy – so you can enjoy where you are now.

Why Should You Choose MyExpatTaxes?

We make expat taxes simple and affordable. It’s never been easier to move and work abroad, so why is life as an expat still complicated? It shouldn’t be, that’s why we created MyExpatTaxes. All your US Tax Forms and FBAR are in one place – within our software. It’s the new way to handle your US taxes, no matter where you choose to work and live.

How it works

MyExpatTaxes guides you through the tax return process smoothly and efficiently in 4 steps.

1. Sign In

Sign in through our app and answer a limited amount of questions that are relevant for your return.

2. Check

Check to see if you qualify for expat tax benefits. Start for free. Pay only when you are convinced.

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3. Insert return

Let us guide you through your return. Save your progress and come back anytime.

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4. Confirm & Submit

Confirm the results and calculations. E-file your tax returns with the IRS or return via post.

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We offer:

  • Professional Help:
    We scour and examine the complexities of IRS and state tax laws so that our software can maximize your benefits as a U.S. expat.
  • Data Privacy and Security:
    Ensuring your data is secure is our top priority. We’re compliant with the strict European Union General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Accuracy and Quality:
    Rest assured with a two-way accuracy check: We check our tax calculations and you’ll be able to review your draft tax return before submitting.
  • Timely Support:
    Ask us anything! We are committed to helping save you time and money with our solution and that extends to our support.
  • Good Design:
    Taxes are boring, our intuitive design isn’t. We only use straight-forward and relevant questions so that you can easily prepare your return.
  • Built With Love:
    Founded by an expat, made for expats. We understand your problem because it’s also ours so know that this solution is near to our hearts.

Let us help you be compliant with the U.S. tax code and avoid double taxation!
One Fixed Price (no surprises): 149 EUR *All prices include VAT