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Health Insurance For Foreign Nationals In Germany

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MAWISTA specializes in health insurances for foreign nationals in Germany. Whatever the reason for travel to Germany or any other Schengen State may be, you will always find the appropriate insurance coverage. The insurance tariffs are recognized by the embassies and consulates and are also accepted for limited stays by the foreign office in Germany. Choose a suitable product to fit your needs.

Mawista Student

Perfect for foreign:

  • students
  • language students (e.g. in preperation of a language test)
  • guest scientists
  • internship students
  • as well as their accompanying family members
  • work-seekers after their studies according to § 16 Abs. 4 Aufenthaltsgesetz (law of residence) up to 18 months based on tariff Student Comfo

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Mawista Science

Perfect for foreign:

  • scholarship holders
  • students
  • guest scientists
  • trainees
  • as well as their accompanying family members

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Mawista Visum

  • Ideal for everybody
  • Visitors or guests (visitor visa)
  • Business travelers (business visa)
  • Tourists (tourist visa)
  • Group visitors (visitor visa for travel groups)

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Mawista Reisecare

International travel health insurance up to 365 days

  • for Germans abroad
  • for foreigners in Germany
  • for foreigners in foreign countries
  • Suitable for follow-up coverage

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Our insurance policies are tailored to the needs of our customers and always offer ideal cost effectiveness.

With over 150,000 customers, we are one of the leading insurance brokers in the travel insurance sector.