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The Right Choice of the Appropriate Insurer Assures Good Health Coverage for You

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The Krankenkassen-Zentrale (KKZ) has been offering comprehensive information pertaining to the German Health System since 2003. With more than 10 million visits a year; it serves as the central support area for consumer inquiries in choosing the right insurance. The health platform covers, among other topics, the following areas:

  • All aspects of public (Gesetzlich) and private health Insurance
  • Occupational disability insurance
  • Supplementary dental, long-term care, and health insurance
  • Long-term care insurance – Pflegepflichtversicherung
  • Pension insurance
  • Premiums and services
  • Current listing of all health insurers with supplementary care fees
  • Special tariffs for families, students, government employees, and the self-employed

The dual system of health insurance programs in Germany is unique — and is extremely complicated. It is multi-facetted and often difficult to penetrate given the number and scope of insurance possibilities with all their benefit and payments running in the billions; its multi-level structures, numerous reforms and premium increases are deliberated and debated in the media daily. Whoever wishes to get an overview of the health industry needs a lot of patience. This is especially true for newcomers just entering the system.

The Krankenkassen-Zentrale offers, in addition to numerous checklists, FAQ’s and video insights into the current daily topics. These include, among other things, a detailed description of the German health system in 40 languages

Private health insurance: Comparing Test Reports and Finding the Right "Winner" for You

While self-employed individuals, civil servants, freelancers and students can be covered under the provisions of private health insurances, employees must have an annual gross income above a “mandatory insurance limit” to be eligible for private health insurance coverage. Privately insured people enjoy broader benefits, which have significant, personally tailored provisions than those available to publicly insured persons.

The Krankenkassen-Zentrale offers regular analyses of actual test reports of well-known institutions in the private insurance field. These address topics such as service, quality of product and value-for-money evaluations. These reviews of private insurers can be read on the KKZ-Website (PKV-News) and their premium schedule can be reviewed based on individual circumstances.

Test Reports of Health Insurers: Fine differences have a great impact

About ninety percent of all German residents are covered by public health insurance. In order to help in choosing a provider, well-known institutions such as Stiftung Warentest, DFSI, or the magazine Focus Money evaluate the overwhelming majority of more than 100 pubic health insurance companies.

The range of benefits, service quality, ease of obtaining customer service, additional services, bonus programs and the issue of covering of costs for alternative medicine offered by public insurers are reviewed. The majority of test reports can produce many test winners because of the objective evaluation of important areas. Consequently, it is worthwhile to obtain a non-biased, neutral, general overview of the field. This is offered by the Krankenkassen-Zentrale at

As a result of reforms by the German government’s “Grand Coalition” put into effect in January 2015, there are now, once more, variable premiums for health insurance in Germany. Since every health insurance company may determine its supplementary fees along the line of the 14.6% annual general premium rate, those insured can choose between less costly and more expensive insurers.

The Krankenkassen-Zentrale’s online computer service offers the possibility of comparing the premiums of various insurers against one another free of charge. This comparison of health insurers opens up the possibility of savings. A significant, three-figure savings on annual health insurance premium costs can be achieved, depending on gross income and which insurer is chosen.

Statutory health insurance: Changing Health Insurers and Taking Advantage of the Change

The health insurance companies differentiate among themselves primarily along the lines of their individually enhanced additional benefits that are generally around 5% of the cost of benefits. This means that when changing insurers, an exact analysis of the products is highly recommended. One can, in addition to the possibility of enjoying a savings of several hundred Euros annually by changing providers, obtain better services, e.g. – a professional teeth cleaning. Also, getting a higher bonus (discount) for preventative or prophylactic measures (for, example quitting smoking.) A less expensive premium package does not necessarily mean a diminished benefits package. It is an option for the insured to decide what his/her needs are and, within the conditions of the GKV-public insurance program, act accordingly.

The Krankenassen-Zentrale can, on request, provide an overview of benefits, pre-printed forms for giving notice as well as application for coverage. And, it can accompany you throughout the process when changing your health insurance provider.

Should you have questions regarding this topic, the KKZ-Team services are available to you by telephone and mail

Work disability insurance (BU): Insurance Protection against Disability

Disability insurance is one of the most important aspects in the entire field of health insurance. It is not infrequent that one must give up work because of health reasons. It is an ever-present theme that must be taken seriously. One out of four people will no longer be able to work before reaching the retirement age. This affects more than 10% of the working force under 40 years of age. The most frequent causes aside from cancer (15.5%) are nervous afflictions (31.5%) and impaired body movement (21.2%) These numbers are especially horrifying when one is not properly insured for them.

Fortunately, the Krankenkassen-Zentrale is actively engaged in this area and provides detailed test reports from independent institutions and additional support groups, This helps consumers facilitate the best choice of insurers in this critical area based on price and offering as well as fulfilling the specific needs of the individual.

Supplemental Dental Insurance - protection against the high cost of tooth replacement

A supplemental dental insurance is as often as not seen as elementary. However it certainly makes a lot of sense – especially in the area of dental care high cost can easily come about when it comes to serious situations if insurance is inadequate. As the public/GVK health insurance companies pay increasingly less for dental care and refund only half of the cost of tooth replacement, the number of insured who have obtained supplemental dental insurance has risen sharply in recent years. Supplemental dental coverage is offered only through private health insurance companies. You can obtain all of the important information and plentiful test results concerning dental supplemental coverage on the Website. For instance where can someone find the best premium for the best set of benefits? Which insurance company offers the best rates? The answers and best providers are available here: