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Complicated tax return? Relax – we’ve got people!

H&R Block
Main Office
Kennedy Allee 28
55774 Baumholder
Tel: +49-6783-981041
Email: [email protected]

AAFES Exchange
Smith Kaserne
BLDG 8243
55774 Baumholder
Tel: +49-160-5456538
Email: [email protected]

AAFES Main Exchange
Panzer Kaserne
BLDG 2903
Böblingen (Stuttgart)
Tel: +49-7031-631-4800
Email: [email protected]

67661 Kaiserslautern / Einsiedlerhof
Tel: +49-631-3554711 & +49-631-30396446

[email protected]


Why your people at H&R Block are right for you

Up-To-Date Knowledge

At H&R Block our specially trained tax professionals have access to the H&R Block Tax Institute – a leading U.S. tax research organization – which can answer any tax question you have.

Experience and On-Going Training

On average, our clients are served by a tax professional with more than eight years of tax preparation experience, and the majority of H&R Block tax professionals receive more than 50 hours of training every year.


If you’re an H&R Block client and you get an audit letter from a tax authority, you receive our assistance. If you are audited, H&R Block will explain your audit notice and advise you as to documentation you should provide to the auditing authority.

Call us for more information or to set up an appointment. You don’t have to visit an office for us to complete your tax return. It can be done using the telephone, fax and email.

We’ll make sure you get every possible tax advantage.

Call H&R Block today to set up an appointment.