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The Easiest Way To Get Married in Denmark

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Getting Married in Denmark
Folkvarsvej 7, 2. th.
2000 Frederiksberg – Denmark
Tel: +45 30 14 99 94
Between 10am and 3pm Danish time (GMT+1) Monday to Friday

Email: [email protected]

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Denmark is, for a number of reasons, an extremely popular marriage destination for international couples. This is especially true for couples in Germany.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of both German couples and non German couples who are residing in Germany venture to Denmark to get married every single year.

One of the main reasons for this is the extremely simple and short procedure involved with getting married in Denmark. This is in stark contrast to what can often be a long drawn out bureaucratic process with applying for marriage in Germany.

There are many service companies that assist couples with their wedding in Denmark which is another reason why Denmark is such a popular choice.

Getting Married in Denmark is a long standing service company that is immersed in the Danish wedding community and is able to help all couples fully prepare for their wedding in Denmark.

The Getting Married in Denmark website is also written in German for your convenience, making the prospect of looking into getting married in Denmark for German citizens, that much more simple.

No matter where you are travelling from, what your circumstances or history, Getting Married in Denmark will help you prepare everything in advance and take care of the whole bureaucratic process for you, making the entire experience straightforward, simple and stress free from start to finish.

A short history about the company...

Getting Married in Denmark was started by a Danish/British couple after they too got married in Denmark in 2011.

Experiencing getting married in Denmark and all that is involved with the marriage process there for themselves, they learned just how important it is to have support and inspiration to help you prepare for that special day, so they started an online wedding magazine soon after their wedding.

The wedding magazine soon led them to planning weddings and they quickly found that they were happiest when helping couples who were in a similar position to them when they were trying to get married in Denmark.

Since 2014, Getting Married in Denmark has helped 4000 couples from all over the world, each with their own unique history and situation to get married in Denmark.

Today, the GMiD team is an amazing, kind, fully trained team of 7 and helps to prepare and administrate everything couples need to have their perfect wedding day in Denmark, easily, quickly, without stress and most importantly, happily.

Will You Need To Legalize Your Danish Marriage Certificate?

The Danish international marriage certificate you receive after your wedding in Denmark is written in five languages – Danish, German, English, French and Spanish.

It is valid worldwide but in some countries they do ask for it to be legalized with the Apostille. If you would like to use your marriage certificate for administration in foreign offices, this usually requires that the document is legalized for such use.

Not all places require this but we advise you check with the office you intend to use it at first, to know for sure.

We can legalize your document with our Apostille Service. Depending on which town hall you marry and the day of the week, this can take from a couple of days to approximately 10 working days.


We Offer a Variety of Services:

The Essential Service

  • Full Detailed Documentation List
  • Guidance While Gathering Documents
  • Detailed Instructions On How To Apply
  • Instructions For Organising Your Ceremony With The Town Hall Of Your Choice
  • 25% Danish VAT. Included

The Complete Service

  • Full Detailed Documentation List
  • Guidance While Gathering Documents
  • Process Your Application With AFL
  • Organise Your Ceremony Date With The Town Hall of Your Choice For You
  • Handling All Communication With AFL On Your Behalf
  • AFL Application Fee Of €220 Included
  • 25% Danish VAT. Included

The Mayday Service

We receive many requests from desperate couples who have not used our service and who need help with an application that is already with the Agency of Family Law. So we decided to add this Mayday service.

With this service, we hope to end any stress and significant delays you have experienced as efficiently as possible.

This service includes:

  • Situation Assessment
  • Communication With The AFL
  • Everything In The Essential Service
  • 25% Danish VAT. Included

Apostille Legalisation Service

  • Co-ordinating Your Certificates
  • Apostille Fee For 1 Certificate Included
  • Bicycle Courier To And From The MFA*
  • Worldwide Tracked Express UPS Service
  • 25% Danish VAT. Included

Bespoke Service

This service is for couples who would like to get married at a location that is not a town hall. Please contact us for further information on possible locations & price of this service. If you have a particular location in mind, please do let us know – we’d love to hear about it.

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