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Many first time buyers struggle with the complexity and regulations of buying a home in Germany. finbird digital is specialized in supporting expats in this process and will guide you along your buying journey, so you can focus on achieving your personal property goals.

finbird digital focuses on a digital first approach to build your property case and property financing in a fast and efficient way. Together, we analyze your personal investment opportunities and your property budget. Each process is highly individualized and each buyer has a different personal situation. Finbird digital guides you through the different phases of the property buying process.

finbird digital educates about the buying process and mortgage financing through recurring events and comprehensive educational guides. Clients benefit from longstanding experience, a wide network and professional advice in English.

Buy a home in Germany as an expat

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Are you a foreigner looking to buy property in Germany but have no market knowledge? Are you struggling to understand how the process works? Or are you simply finding that the language barrier is too great? If you are looking to understand the property purchase process in order to make the right choice before buying, then our regular webinars on how to buy property in Germany are for you! The webinar will teach you about the property buying process, your financing eligibility and the current state of the property and interest rate market, We aim at helping you develop a better idea of what you should consider before making a purchase and thus to avoid costly mistakes.
Main text:

  • Who is the webinar for? Expats and non-expats who want to learn about buying property in Germany.
  • Content? Overview of the buying process in Germany, a current market view and many related topics.
  • Language? The webinar will be held in English.
    Cost? The webinar is free of charge.
  • Visit our website and register for one of the upcoming webinars. Also make sure to submit your questions in advance.

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