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CrossOver Relocation & Administration Services

CrossOver Relocation & Administration Services
Blumenberger Straße 143-145
41061 Mönchengladbach
Tel: +49 02161 5668855
Fax: +49 02161 5668851

Email: [email protected]
Contact persons:
Yann Rösner
Torsten Schröder

Competence in Relocation

Pre-Arrival Planning

With our questionnaire, we quickly get all the information we need to serve you best.

Administration Service

We help you to obtain quickly all permits and licenses that you require.

Housing Search

We help you find the home that fits your needs in the locations that are right for you.

Orientation Service

Hit the ground running with our comprehensive orientation service that makes you understand your surroundings.

Settling-In Service

Obtaining power, water, telephone, tv, insurance – we cut through the hassles for you.

Departure Service

Leaving can be as difficult as arriving. We take care of all the last minute details.

24-hour Help Line

In case of an emergency, you can call us day or night.