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US Tax Preparation Loved By Americans Living Abroad

With clients in over 200 countries worldwide, multiple award winning Bright!Tax is the leading online US Expat Tax Services provider loved by Americans who live abroad. Bright!Tax exclusively employs full-time American CPAs who are expert at IRS expat taxes. We provide you with enthusiastic, personal support and tax strategizing to save you time, hassle, and money. Our US filing process is secure, precise, responsive, and exacting to your needs.

Why Choose Bright!Tax For Your US Tax Returns

World Class Experts in US Tax

Bright!Tax has been named Global US Expat Tax Provider of the Year a record 5 times, as well as being lauded for Financial Services Innovation.

Personal Support

We appreciate that everyone is unique. Your Bright!Tax CPA will discuss your circumstance with you before creating a personalized US tax filing strategy that aims to save you money and ensures your US income tax return is prepared to perfection.

Easy and Hassle-Free

Our overriding mission is to ensure that your experience is concise, simple, personal, and ultra-responsive. You may always communicate with us in real time.

We Specialize in Catching Up

If you’re behind with your IRS taxes or FBAR filing, we can help you catch up without facing penalties with the Streamlined Procedure amnesty program.

Global Banking Services

Many expats have faced difficulty accessing banking services. Our partnership with the United Nations Federal Credit Union offers our expat tax clients an exclusive solution.

Our flat fees mean you know from the start exactly what you will need to pay, so no surprises! Click the button below to find out more.