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Beam my Presence to Germany

Ready-made Limited Liability Companies, Virtual Offices and Virtual Assistance in Germany

Would you like to purchase a company in Germany quickly and easily?

Are you in need of an office address and business services in Germany?

Don’t have the time or opportunity to visit Germany to set up your company?

Let Beam My Presence to Germany help you out with a readymade company.

Ready Made Companies

Instant UG (Unternehmergesellschaft)

  • An Instant “Virgin UG” is a limited liability company (also known as a mini-GmbH) that has already been established with €1 of statutory capital but has not engaged in any real business. They have no operational history.
  • Beam has incorporated and registered these companies themselves in accordance with all applicable laws. They have not been purchased from other entities for re-sale. They have been maintained by Beam.

Instant GmbH (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung)

  • An Instant “Virgin GmbH” is a UG that is transformed into a GmbH with a further €12,499 of capital and the sale of the existing share.
  • Shares are bought and the new shareholders and the new owners form a board to change the director, line of business, registered address, etc.

The expert staff at Beam will guide you quickly and efficiently through all the steps of company acquisition from initial contract drafting, through notarial and bureaucratic and legal requirements as well as liaison with banking services.

Virtual Offices

Beam can set up a virtual office with services that include:

  • Business locations at over 50 worldwide hotspots
  • Specialized postal mail processing services
  • Flexible monthly contracts (minimum one month duration)
  • Modern and advanced telephone services through VoIP connections

Virtual Assistance

If you are always on the go or a digital nomad, Beam can provide unique and tailor-made virtual assistance in many areas.

  • Correspondence with authorities, customers, business partners in German and English,
  • Telephone calls with authorities, customers, business partners in German and English,
  • Event, travel planning, booking
  • Various secretarial services
  • Text creation (original content and proofreading for marketing or information material for projects

Beam My Presence to Germany UG (limited liability)

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