Delphine Manivet is a well known bridal designer who creates stunning, beautifully timeless wedding gowns.

Based in Paris, France, Delphine Manivet is surrounded by plenty of inspiration in the fashion capital of the world, thus making her creations world famous and the epitome of classic wedding gown designs.

Her dresses range from modern to classic, romantic to timeless, in all kinds of styles and yet each one is said to perfectly encapsulate what a wedding is all about. 

It’s no wonder that so many brides long for a Delphine Manivet dress for their own wedding, so here are ten of the most stylish and fashionable Delphine Manivet dresses out there.

Take a look and find your dream wedding dress right here! 

1. Hyppolite

Named after the Amazonian queen known for her iconic war belt, Hyppolite is one of Delphine Manivet’s most visually stunning wedding dresses.    

This wedding dress is full length and pools at your feet, creating a stunning train that ripples in your wake.

This long train is contrasted against the deep v-neck collar and neckline that exposes most of your back.

This design is clearly deeply inspired by Greek mythology and this is further shown through the fine braces and how the silk collects and drapes at the hips. 

With such a classic design, Hyppolite is a wedding dress that immediately captures the beauty and delicate grace of ancient Greek and Roman culture.  

2. Lazlo Ivoire

Lazlo Ivoire is one dress that combines practicality with beauty thanks to its interesting design.

It has all the classic elements that a bride may want in a wedding dress – the silk chiffon material, the satin lining, the long length that trains behind – along with a noticeable quirk that benefits the bride. 

Instead of one long length dress, Delphine Manivet has designed the Lazlo Ivoire to have one skirt that reaches the ankles, while an additional train flows behind.

This means that the shoes are left visible and the bride does not have to worry about treading or tripping over their own gown.

The dress also has a split up to the thigh, adding additional comfort. 

It’s an unusual design that a bride can use to their advantage while displaying their sensible personality all through one dress. 

3. Prospere

This wedding dress is easily one of Delphine Manivet’s best sellers, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a stunning dress that features a classic design that captures both the sense of maturity with the innocence of youth. 

The mature elements can be seen clearly through the heavy satin material, the three quarter length sleeves, and the sensible fitting around the upper body.

However, there are still elements that give the dress a sense of liveliness and playfulness, such as the low plunging neckline or the flaring midi skirt. 

Overall, Prospere is a dress that captures both the bride’s youth and innocence while showing their maturity all through the marvelous genius of Delphine Manivet. 

4. Ettore 

For a statement wedding dress that will turn heads at your wedding, Ettore is definitely a dress to consider.

It is a very short wedding dress made with tutus and ballerinas in mind, thanks to the full princess volume of the skirt and taffeta materials.

The frills continue up and down the low v-neck plunge of the front and back, exposing much skin while still maintaining a sense of modesty and youth. 

Ettore is a fun wedding dress best enjoyed by those with plenty of boldness and playfulness to share with others.

Although unusual, it’s still an amazing dress that will certainly help the bride make her wedding day her own. 

5. Otto 

Smart, elegant, almost casual – these are just a few thoughts that will pop into your head when you first view the Otto wedding dress from Delphine Manivet’s collection. 

It’s a classic midi dress made from satin cotton with smart three quarter length sleeves and a deep boat neckline, exposing the collarbones and shoulders while still covering most of the chest and upper body.

The design is sophisticated and the addition of practical pockets helps bring a touch of quirkiness that gives this dress a ton of personality. 

6. Edwin Robe

The Edwin Robe wedding dress is very similar to the Otto dress although it has plenty of changes that helps make it its own design.

Although both dresses share a midi length, boat neckline, and satin materials, the Edwin Robe dress has done away with the sleeves to help inject a sense of youth and carefreeness to this design. 

This makes the Edwin Robe a dress suited for those who wish to display their fun, elated personality on their wedding day. 

7. Jonah 

For those who prefer simplicity, Jonah is a wedding dress that does away with any complexities to create an elegant yet breathtaking design. 

This sheath wedding dress is high waisted with a low back, helping to elongate the skirt and make the bride appear taller.

This gives it a timeless look that, despite the lack of frills or intricate embroidery, still captures the eye with ease. 

8. Pasquier 

On the other end of the scale we have Pasquier, a long wedding dress made from light flowing materials like taffeta and tulle to help create an almost ethereal look.

The v-neck collar and plunging back are trimmed with pleated fabric, giving the dress a swan-like design that harkens back to traditional ballet and romantic fairy tales.

This makes it the perfect choice for any bride.

9. Florent 

Florent is a unique wedding dress that is short in the front, with the trim cutting just above the knee, that cascades into a long train around the back of the design.

This gives the dress plenty of practicality while still maintaining that traditional train that most brides desire. 

The train also helps give the dress a ton of fun personality. The upper body is sophisticated with three quarter sleeves and a high neckline, while the lower part is open and flowing.

Combining both casual and elegance, this dress is one that is perfect for ceremonie and the reception afterwards. 

10. Perceval

The final dress on our list is Perceval

This wedding dress is combined with the design of dress shirts to give it a collared neck, short sleeves, and a row of buttons descending the front of the dress.

It’s a completely unique design that helps give this dress plenty of humility, sophistication, and an air of quirkiness. 


So those were just some of the amazing dresses available at Delphine Manivet.

It is the go-to place for designer wedding dresses that are both classic and modern, romantic and more – so check out the above dresses to find the perfect dress for you!