Turning your old shoes into a stunning pair of wedding shoes is a great way to try and save money during your wedding planning process.

Not only will you be able to upcycle a pair of old shoes you rarely wear anymore, but you can also transform them into something new and fresh ready for your wedding. 

However, making your own wedding shoes is a lot more difficult than it sounds – and one of the biggest blocks brides face is finding the right design they want to wear. 

If you want to upcycle a pair of old shoes into a pair of amazing wedding shoes, then here are 10 amazing ideas you can use as inspiration.

Take a look at them below! 

1. Bowtie Shoes

This DIY method is one of the easiest methods to try out as all you need to do is find the right material and tie it around an old pair of shoes.

It involves finding a luxurious material such as taffeta or a near sheer material such as tulle, and then using a small piece of that fabric to make a bow.

You can use whatever color you desire but we think it looks best when using a color that matches the color of your shoes. 

Once you have your two bows ready, just stick them onto the front of your shoes!

This will turn them from a plain pair of everyday shoes into something more elegant and fit for a wedding. 

2. Pearl Wedding Shoes

Pearls are all the rage due to their luxurious appearance and vintage vibes, so if you want to include pearls to your wedding outfit, why not try adding them to your DIY wedding shoes? 

Of course, you shouldn’t use real pearls for this idea but you can easily find some fake pearls or small white beads at affordable prices online or at your local craft store.

Then, using some superglue or epoxy resin, add the pearls to your wedding shoes in any pattern you desire. 

You can go all out like this pair of shoes, or find a pattern you like and follow it. This will leave you with a beautiful pair of vintage-styled shoes! 

3. Lace Ballet Flats

You don’t have to wear heels at your wedding, and if you are hoping to transform a pair of old flats, then this is the way to do it. 

This method includes finding some sheets of lace and gently adding them to the outside of your flats.

This will give them an almost ballet-slipper like design and turn them into the perfect pair of flats for a bride.

Then, you can stay comfortable all day during your wedding while still wearing a beautiful and appropriate pair of upcycled shoes! 

4. Diamante Straps 

Adding diamante is one of the easiest ways to turn a pair of ordinary heels into something classy and elegant, ready for big events like your wedding.

However, you don’t need to cover the whole shoe in diamante – simply glamming up the straps is enough to completely transform the style of your shoes! 

Diamantes can also be easily bought for affordable prices at craft stores or online, so you can also extend the diamante to patterns across the whole of your shoe if you desire.

However, diamante straps are a quick and simple way to improve your shoes ready for your wedding. 

5. Wedding Sneakers

If you are thinking of wearing sneakers to your wedding, then you can totally transform them into something more traditional with just a bit of lace.

Adding lace to the outside of your sneakers is super easy and it will make your sneakers look more elegant and less casual. 

Not only that, but swapping the laces for some ribbon also helps turn them into a stunning pair of wedding sneakers. 

6. Fabric Floral Shoes 

If you are aiming for more of a rustic, floral vibe for your wedding, then you can easily glue some small, decorative flowers to your shoes.

These flowers are made from small bits of fabric and can easily be made by yourself or purchased at your local craft store. 

The great thing about this method is that you can match the flowers to the real flowers used in your wedding decor and match the color scheme too! 

7. Diamante Patterns

Diamante makes a triumphant return with this method.

Although it takes a lot more planning and patience, you can add an intricate diamante pattern to the back (or front) of your shoe.

Also, you can either draw out the pattern yourself or purchase a stick on pattern at a craft shop that already comes with all the different sized diamantes you need.

This can speed up the process for you while leaving you with amazing results. 

8. Something Blue

This idea is a unique one as it involves painting the sole of your shoe a light, Tiffany blue. This is a cute way to shake up your shoes’ appearance while also adding something blue to your bridal ensemble. 

You can even take it one step further and paint your entire shoes to freshen them up. This can help hide old scuffs and marks too! 

9. Repurpose Old Jewelry

An easy way to glam up your old shoes is to repurpose broken pieces of jewelry.

For example, if you have a pair of earrings that can no longer be worn, then you can break off the metal pin and glue the earring onto the front of your shoes.

Alternatively, you can use diamond hair clips, brooches, rinds and more to bring some sparkle to your old shoes. 

10. Just Add Lace

For beach or summer weddings, adding lace over the toe and ankle straps can help turn any pair of old beaten up sandals into a pair of gorgeous yet practical shoes.

This means you can be comfortable and wear appropriate shoes for the weather while keeping them wedding themed.

It’s amazing just how versatile lace is! 

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! 

Ten amazing ideas for DIY wedding shoes that you can try out for yourself.

We hope that the ideas above have helped you find the best way to give your old shoes a makeover fit for a bride.

Find a great pair of shoes you want to upcycle, get the materials for such an affordable price, and you and your bridal party can get to work improving your old shoes! Good luck!