Place cards and favors are two of the most overlooked aspects of planning a wedding, and some couples can be left red in the face when they have no way to thank their guests for attending their wedding.

Even worse, they can even forget to give their wedding party favors in return for their hard work and support during the planning process! 

So, you need to make place cards and favors for your guests prior to your wedding but rather than spending a fortune on gifts, why not make your own? 

Here are some amazing ideas you can try out for making your own cactus inspired place cards and favors.

Check them out below! 

How To Make Your Own DIY Cactus Place Cards

When it comes to place cards, it’s very easy to make your own. 

All you need is the seating plan for your reception, some pens and pieces of card.

If you want to make place cards to label your favors in gift bags, then you can use the same technique too – just leave out the table numbers! 

First, cut the sheets of card into even sized rectangles. Make sure they are all big enough to fit all the words you want to write.

Then, clearly write the table numbers or names in the middle of each card. 

Now that the hard step is done, all you have to do is decorate the cards – but how? 

You can draw your own cactuses using a range of media including pens, pencils, or even paint them using watercolors.

You don’t even have to draw the full cactus – just draw the outline if you desire! It’s super easy to do and you can get the whole bridal party involved to help!  

Alternatively, you can use cactus-shaped stamps or stickers. This will be much easier and quicker than drawing the cacti yourself but you will have to spend more to purchase them.

Also, you can sometimes find cards with pre-printed images of cacti and succulents – this means all you have to do is cut them down to size and write the details on them yourself! 

So, making your own DIY cactus place cards is easy. All you have to do is get a little creative.

If you are stuck for ideas on how to draw a cactus, simply look up some images online to use as a reference! 

Cactus Inspired Favors

Favors are basically little gifts you can give to your wedding party and guests as a way to thank them for their attendance and support.

However, if you are stuck for cactus-themed ideas you can use, then here are some for inspiration: 

  • Real Cacti – You can purchase very small mini cacti to give away as gifts. However, these might not be suitable for young children. 
  • Knitted Cacti Decorations – If you can knit or crochet, then you can knit your own cacti instead!
  • Cactus Keychain – It’s very easy to make your own keychains with a bit of wood, a woodburning pen and some keychains. You can even write the date of your wedding or the wedding couples’ names in the middle to personalize them. 
  • Cacti Cookies – If you are a baker, then why not try making cactus-shaped cookies to give as a special thank you treat? 
  • Cactus Painting – If you are an artist, then try making lots of different but small prints of cactus artwork. Frame them and give them away as tiny decorations that your guests can use to decorate their homes as a constant reminder of your special day. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, it’s super easy to get creative and make your own DIY favors and place cards.

Check out these cactus themed ideas for inspiration and good luck!