When we first heard about Jell-O centerpieces growing in popularity for wedding receptions, we were super confused.

This was because we imaged these Jell-O centerpieces to be sculptures made of Jell-O or a pile of wiggly dessert – but that’s not what they are at all! 

Jell-O centerpieces are actually vases filled with Jell-O that also contain other kinds of decorations, such as flowers, seashells, sequins and so much more.

This makes them towers of amazing decor that range in color and are capable of suiting any kind of wedding theme. 

If this sounds like the kind of centerpiece for your wedding, then here is a handy DIY guide to making your own Jell-O centerpieces.

Check out the steps below to make your own! 

Step One: Decide On What You Want To Make

Before you start making your own Jell-O centerpiece, you first need to decide on what you want the centerpiece to look like.

This will help you gather all the tools and materials you need to make the ideal Jell-O centerpiece for your wedding. 

Think about the theme of your wedding and what colors and iconography you plan on applying to the decor. Do you want a floral wedding? Or do you prefer more foliage than flowers?

What about lighting – do you want to balance a candle at the top? You can use clear Jell-O for a completely see through design, or you can add coloring to help the centerpiece match your wedding color scheme. 

Once you know what you want, you will need to head out there and gather all of your supplies. This includes your Jell-O, your decorations, and the vases you plan on filling. 

Step Two: Make Your Jell-O

Now you have everything ready, it’s time to make your Jell-O. 

Each Jell-O brand will have its own instructions on the packet but it’s recommended that you use less water if you want the color of the Jell-O to be more vibrant.

However, using too much water to try and water down the color can lead to the jello not properly solidifying later – so be careful! 

Use as much Jell-O as you need to fill the vases. Most centerpieces require six boxes but this depends on how many tables you plan on having at your reception. 

You can also try adding sequins or glitter at this step to help make shiny, glitter Jell-O.

However, don’t add any heavier decorations just yet – they will only sink to the bottom as the Jell-O sets!  

Once the Jell-O is done, place it in the refrigerator and leave it chill. Do not let it set completely!

Keep a close eye on the Jell-O and then take it out once it begins to harden ever so slightly. 

Step Three: Decorate! 

Your Jell-O should now be in a state somewhere between liquid and solid. This means that once you start pushing your decorations into the Jell-O, they will not sink directly to the bottom. 

Instead, you can push them into position and then the Jell-O will close back up behind you. Use a long, thin item like a chopstick or table knife to help push the decorations further into the Jell-O.

You can use anything for this step including pebbles, seashells, flowers, foliage, and more. You can even balance a tealight candle at the very top with the lower half submerged in the Jell-O.

This will allow the candle to float on the top of the Jell-O. 

Once you are done decorating, you will need to place the Jell-O back in the refrigerator until it is firmly set.

This can take a few hours but once the Jell-O is hard, your centerpieces are now ready for display! 

Final Thoughts

Jell-O centerpieces may take some time and effort to make but they are also amazingly effective and beautiful centerpieces. Plus, you can decorate them anyway you want!

This means you can design them to match your tastes and preferences exactly, thus matching the theme of your wedding absolutely perfectly. 

So, with so many benefits to using a Jell-O centerpiece, why not give it a try? 

Practice making your very own Jell-O centerpiece by following the guide above! Good luck!