10 English Wedding Ideas 

Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful yet exciting times in you and your partners’ lives. From finding the perfect wedding dress to deciding which font to use on your wedding invitations, every detail matters. 

But unless you have been planning every detail of your wedding since you were a preteen then you may find it difficult to have ideas for everything. That’s where we come in. 

We have prepared 10 English wedding ideas to make your special day perfect. Read below to find out if we have the idea of what you have been looking for. 

1. Wedding Pencil

This thoughtful idea is the perfect way to announce the date of your wedding and send out your wedding invitations in one go.

With an elegant invitation, and an engraved pencil of your wedding date and you have a lovely keepsake before the wedding celebrations have even begun. 

This may run at a higher cost than a simple wedding invitation or a save-the-date notification but they are worth every cent. 

2. Personalized Invites 

When it comes to your wedding party, bride or groom, making each person feel like an important part of your day is essential. 

Surprise your bridesmaids, maid of honor, groomsmen, and best man with small personalized gifts as you ask them to be part of your special day.  Make each moment special by doing it with everyone together or individually to really cement your appreciation and love for the person. 

3. A Tied Knot

In need of charming, budget-friendly ideas? These save-the-date cards with a friendship bracelet are perfect. 

Save this gift for those who mean the most in your life or send them to your entire guest list. They are great keepsakes that can be cherished for years to come, even if they only cost a few dollars. 

A way to make them even more unique is to dye the string to fit the theme of your wedding. That way everyone has something to remember the momentous occasion. 

4. Rust Seating Place Cards 

Is your wedding more of a boho-chic theme? Then these rustic seating place cards will go with your theme like a dream. 

All you need are a few thick branches, cut them into small chunks big enough to hold a small piece of card. Cut in a small slit and you have adorable, high-quality, and budget-friendly placeholders. 

To make your placement cards even more rustic, lightly tear the edges to give it a more natural worn look rather than straight cut edges. 

Now you just have to decide where everyone is sitting. Now that’s where the real work begins. 

5. Picture Frame Seating Plan Board 

As your guests enter the reception area for their meal and to experience your first dance, they will need a seating plan to tell them where to sit. 

Your seating plan board can be as creative or as simplistic as you like but you want it to reflect you, your partner, and your wedding. 

This picture frame idea is a great way to grab everyone’s attention and keep things organized on your board. With each table framed by a different picture frame, this is a stunning idea for those who enjoy taking photographs and have a more classic wedding theme. 

And there’s no need to purchase expensive picture frames. Ikea is your best friend or you can even borrow your own from your home!

10 English Wedding Ideas 1

6. Polaroid Seating Plan Board 

This idea may take a bit more effort and planning to execute but it is a great way to greet your guests. 

Make sure you have portrait photos of each guest, or find a sneaky way to get one, tape it to a sturdy wooden board and you have yourself a gorgeous, one of a kind seating board. 

If you are lucky enough to have one, ask your wedding planner for a helping hand when organizing everyone’s photos. 

This may take some time to complete but watching your guest’s faces fill with horror and delight is worth every second. 

7. Shine Bright 

Tired of the generic flower bouquet table pieces? Try out these simple decorations. All you need are some fairy lights and mason jars. If your wedding is taking place in the late afternoon or early evening, this is a gorgeous way to bring a romantic atmosphere. 

Swap the mason jars for empty gin bottles of different shapes and sizes for a unique table setting.  Or hang from the roof or trees for a small trickle of lights around the room. 

These shine bright bottles are wonderful decorations for outdoor weddings. And they make for great photo props. 

8. Disposable Cameras 

This may seem like a waste of time as you probably have a wedding photographer and videographer ready to capture every beautiful moment. 

But purchasing a few disposable cameras and allowing your guests to take their own photos will provide moments you never knew were happening. 

9. Puzzle Pieces 

Instead of a simple notebook for guests to write their loving messages, this puzzle piece idea takes it to a new, unique level. 

A blank puzzle, each guest can sign a piece and write a short, endearing message for the bride and groom. 

10. Ceremony Blankets 

Getting married in the colder months? These personalized blankets with your names and wedding dates are the perfect keepsake. 

Older guests will appreciate the warm blanket and the gift they are receiving. 

Although it may be an additional cost, this idea is perfect to let your guests know that you are thinking about them. 

Final Thoughts 

Make each moment of your special day perfect with these 10 English wedding ideas. 

From adding a small keepsake to your save-the-date cards to DIYing your very own placement card holders, your wedding will reflect you in every aspect. 

Take a look and find an idea to make your wedding even more unique and how you can get your guests involved. We highly recommend the disposable camera idea as you never know what you could be missing!