Ooh La La is a company that specializes in floral design and event decor. Founded by Davinia White, this business looks to create gorgeous events with a high attention to detail.

If you’re considering Ooh La La for your formal event, then you’re probably wondering about the types of designs they have on offer.

If this sounds like you—then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’re going to give you a short overview of some of the best eco-friendly, Ooh La La air plant floral designs. We’ve also included a short FAQ to help answer your questions.

Best Ooh La La Air Flower Designs 

Dinning Table Spread

Firstly, we have an example of a typical Ooh La La dinner table spread. Notice the color co-ordination and gorgeous boquette of flowers that towers over the table with a large glass vase. This design is simple, elegant and perfect for a traditional wedding. 

Lantern Centerpieces

Secondly, let’s take a look at these beautiful lantern centerpieces. The air flowers here are a combination of pink roses and flowers with white petals, mounted on a pair of wooden frames. The table is then decorated with thiny candles in long-necked glasses. 

Dinning Table Spread (Pink Variation)

Did you the previous table spread design, but like the idea of a different color combination? This design is very similar, but we’re amazed by the subtle attention to detail in the color design.

Swapping out white for pink as the primary color of the flowers means that Ooh La La also swaps out the furniature and plates to better match the flowers on display. This is another example of a decor design that starts with air flowers as a focal point. 

Refreshment Table Spread

Next we have an example of a gorgeous refreshment table spread. We especially like the two bouquets of air flowers on either side of the hot water tanks, the diverse selection of teas, and the candles on either side of the table.

We also like the pink table cloth that offers a simple bed of color to the spread. 

Wedding Cake Spread

Here we have a simple wedding table spread with a tall table that evokes a more traditional wedding aesthetic. We particularly like the bouquets of flowers around the bottom of the table with white roses.

Here is a really good example of the attention to detail that Ooh La La place into their floral designs. The colors here all compliment each other—white roses, white table cloth—and there’s even coordination between the desserts and the decor. 

Leaving Gifts

Air flowers and other plants are a huge part of the design used within Ooh La La events. Here you can see a table spread of leaving gifts! Wach one is a different little plant that is especially eco-friendly. 


So that was a short overview of some of the best air flower designs from Ooh La La that we could find. As you can see, this is a company that has a complete mastery over flowers.

Expect impressive designs that match air flowers with the rest of the decor, creating events that have an impressive aesthetic flair down to the smallest detail. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Services Do Ooh La La Offer? 

Ooh La La is a company that helps to create stylish and impressive events. They cover event reservations, setting up locations (including decor, venue management and tables), and also event catering; partnering with impressive chefs to create a menu that works for you. 

What Packages Do Ooh La La Offer?

There are three main packages that Ooh La La Offers, let’s take a short look at each of them.

  1. Ooh La Standard: This package will give you decor design, event setup and take down, scheduling and a complimentary consultation. 
  2. Ooh La Premium: This offers you everything included in the Standard package, but with location reservations, site tours, accommodations, catering and event supervision.
  3. Ooh La Luxury: This will offer you everything in the previous two packages, plus RSVP Invitations, entertainment reservations, and some other important features!