Themes are becoming more and more popular when it comes to weddings, but they expand way more than just picking a few colors to follow.

Now, themes extend to time periods, the couple’s favorite movies, and more. 

One theme that is growing in popularity is lemons. 

Yes – lemons. These bright, zesty fruits are slowly becoming a popular motif found in weddings that take place in hot, summer climates.

Not only are they perfect to enjoy eating and drinking in hot weather but the bright color perfectly complements plain white and helps bring a splash of color to your wedding. 

So, if you are thinking about adding a lemon theme to your wedding, here are some amazing ideas you can utilize to incorporate this theme.

Check out the ideas below to see just how well a lemon theme works for a wedding! 

Add Lemons To Your Wedding Cake

Lemons are bright, zesty fruits that can be added to your wedding cake to give it a sharp yet delicious flavor. 

Cakes such as lemon drizzle are often used as a basis for your sponge. In fact, lemon is now one of the most popular wedding cake flavors and has secured its place in most top-ten lists.

This is because it’s such a refreshing flavor that goes perfectly for hot summer weddings. 

You can add additional flavors to your lemon wedding cake to boost and complement the flavor.

Some additional flavors include vanilla buttercream, lemon flavored frosting, and other tart fruits such as raspberries used for the fillings. 

So you can easily include lemon into the flavor of your wedding cake – but also into its appearance and decoration! 

This example of a lemon themed wedding cake just goes to show how you can add lemons to the decoration of your wedding cake to make it bright and colorful.

It also goes amazingly well with floral decorations for a completely natural look.

Add slices around the side of the cake, or leave full lemons or lemon segments around the case or tiers to give your wedding cake a vibrant look that perfectly complements the traditionally white icing. 

Use Lemons For Your Table Centerpieces

When enjoying your meal after the ceremony, it’s important to include amazing centerpieces for your table.

They can range from the outrageous and jaw dropping to simplistic yet beautiful – and lemons can help you achieve both with ease! 

Lemons are versatile decorations you can use to line a glass vase, giving the jar a natural pattern and bringing a bright splash of yellow to your tables.

Plus, they will hide stalks of any flowers you choose to put in the vase.

For example, this centerpiece perfectly complements the bright yellow of the lemon slices with a bunch of light, delicate white flowers that perfectly captures the beauty of a wedding. 

On the other hand, you can go all out and create towers of lemons with vibrant yellow roses, sprigs of green leaves, all balanced on a decorative stand.

Take a look at this lemon-themed centerpiece which combines fruits with flowers to a great effect. 

So, lemons can be used as amazing table centerpieces to bring color and vibrancy to your wedding decor. 

Dress Your Bridesmaids In Soft Lemon Colors

If you are planning on having bridesmaids, flower girls, or even a maid of honor at your wedding, then you will probably want to coordinate the colors of the dresses they wear.

As your wedding is lemon themed, then you can use lemon colors in the clothing of your wedding party. 

While the bride is dressed in white, you can dress your bridesmaids in soft shades of lemon and pale lemon.

This will dress all of your bridesmaids in lighter shades of yellow which complements beautifully with a pristine white wedding dress for the bridge.

Plus, you can give them all bouquets of their own filled with white and yellow flowers to complement the dresses. 

As for male members of your wedding party or those who prefer to wear a suit, they can wear a soft gray suit with a yellow flower in their buttonholes.

Alternatively, they can also wear soft lemon suits or simply wear a similar shade of lemon to the dress for their ties or bowties. 

By choosing soft shades of yellow as your color scheme for your wedding, you can help continue the lemon theme into the clothing of your bridal party in a subtle yet compatible way. 

Use Lemon Prints In Your Invitations And Written Media

When planning your wedding, you will need to send out a lot of written media in the form of invitations, reminders, thank you cards, table settings, and more.

These written letters need to be decorated to be beautiful and suit your wedding’s theme – and by adding images of lemons against the pale white backdrop of the paper, you can add a sophisticated splash of color without it looking gaudy. 

This example of a wedding invite utilizes a lemon wreath as a background, giving the invite a beautiful background that turns the invite into something truly special.

Alternatively, this example of a wedding invitation is far more simplistic yet still just as beautiful. 

Get Married In A Lemon Orchid

If you are planning on having a hot, outdoor wedding during the summer then a great place to hold your ceremony is in a lemon orchard. 

This idea can only happen if you have a lemon orchard near your ideal wedding location but the shade from the trees will help provide your guests with shelter from the sunshine while giving your wedding a beautiful natural backdrop.

You can then have your reception in a nearby building such as a barn or country house, depending on what is available in your area. 

This idea is one that’s pretty out there but if you have the opportunity to make it work, you can take it to really complete the lemon theme of your wedding. 


So, those were our favorite ideas for lemon-themed weddings! 

As you can see there are tons of different ways you can incorporate lemons into your wedding, from the colors of your bridesmaids’ dresses to the flavor of your wedding cake.

You can even include lemons into your wedding, decor, invitations and more!

Check out the above ideas once again and see which ones speak to you the most!