Who says bouquets can only be made of flowers? Nowadays, brides are getting even more creative and having bouquets made of buttons, shells, paper and – yes – beads!

Beads are a great alternative for those brides who don’t want floral bouquets because of allergies, want a more glamorous wedding look, or simply are not flower fans.

Brooch Bouquet

This bouquet made up of tiny, beautiful brooches is sure to make an impression on your big day!

Although this bouquet is fully decked out in brooches, the soft pinks, golds, and silver keeps the look subtle… well, as subtle as a beaded bouquet can be!

Vintage Brooch Bouquet


Non-floral bouquets are having a big moment, and it’s easy to see why when you come across bouquets made of these vintage brooches.

Not only is this brooch bouquet totally stunning, but also a brilliant keepsake from your big day.

Mad Hatter Inspired Bouquet

Yes, you read that right! You’re seeing a Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland inspired bouquet.

If you have a love of reading (or even a love of Disney) and want that to be reflected in your gown, jewelry, accessories, or bouquet then this gorgeous beaded bouquet is a great point of reference. 

Purple Beaded Bouquet

If you want a clean and elegant beaded bouquet but you’re also a big fan of purple and want to incorporate a dash of your favorite color into your bouquet, look no further than this beautiful beaded example.

Large Cascade Diamanté Brooch Bouquet

If you’re a self-confessed magpie, then this is the bouquet for you on your special day! Not only does it have diamanté, but silver and pears too!

This would be perfect for a glitzy beach wedding, as the pearls and starfish-esque will complement the surroundings, and the bouquet itself looks like it’s come right out of a mermaid’s treasure chest. 

Fuchsia Pink And Orange French Beaded Bridal Bouquet 

This vibrant beaded bouquet is a great choice for outgoing brides!

It’s so intricate that from a distance you could be forgiven for thinking it is an actual floral bouquet.

Wedding Brooch Bouquet

This bridal heirloom brooch bouquet has gold, lavender, pale blue, pink, purple, and sapphire accents.

It is also bursting with brooches, crystals and jewels. Any bride is certain to shine as bright as a diamond with this bouquet. 

Cascading Brooch Wedding Bouquet

This ivory brooch bouquet is absolutely stunning and inspired by vintage jewelry.

The silver brooches, gems and cascading pearls that drip from this decadent bouquet just serve to make it more elegant and glamorous. 

Rose Gold Champagne Teardrop Brooch Bouquet

This bouquet would be great for any bride who wants to feel like a princess on her big day, but this is also ideal for a beachy destination wedding, or a more glamorous, sleeker affair.

Feather Beaded Bouquet

What makes a bouquet more glamorous and unique than beads? Why, feathers, of course!

This bouquet is the height of sophistication, with its subtle lilac color, pearls, gems, and feathers.

Amethyst Beaded Flower Bouquet

This drop-dead gorgeous bouquet has sumptuous emerald and amethyst tones that we can definitely envision a more gothic bride clutching as she walks down the aisle!

After all, who says bridal colors are confined to bright whites and pastels?

This beautifully crafted bouquet could be mistaken for a traditional floral bouquet from a distance, and catches the light brilliantly.

Vintage Satin And Beaded Bouquet

Some people may wrinkle their nose at the thought of colors like brown being a part of their wedding color scheme, but we’re sure this sophisticated and gorgeous beaded bouquet will change their minds.

The luxurious combination of satin, pearls and gems, and the rosettes in cream, gold and chocolate brown make for a gorgeous beaded bouquet if you’re going for a decadent, warm color scheme. 

Navy Blue And Silver Beaded Bouquet

This bouquet is made with natural Sola flowers in ivory, navy and silver, as well as babies breath and caspia.

If you’re unsure what Sola flowers are, they are synthetic flowers made from the pulp of a tree.

This beaded navy bouquet would be ideal for a rustic wedding, plus Sola flowers are affordable, eco-friendly, and will last forever! What’s not to love?

Ivory And Navy Blue Teardrop Wedding Bouquet

Another ivory and navy blue beaded bouquet, this bouquet would be ideal for a beach wedding due to the nautical colors. 

Victorian Beaded Wedding Bouquet 

This elegant Victorian inspired beaded bouquet features beaded forget-me-nots, myrtle leaves, pansies, and roses.

The stalks are wrapped in French lamé braids and ribbons, making this a breathtakingly beautiful bouquet you can treasure long after your big day.

Fantasy Fairy Inspired Beaded Bouquet

If you’re a bride who loves all things ethereal and whimsical, then this is the beaded bouquet for you.

The flower gems, pearls and rose gold accents call to mind woodland fairies (it’s even shaped like a toadstool!) but the gorgeous pink tones, satin, and glitz gives total princess vibes! 

Antique Beaded Bridal Bouquet

This absolutely gorgeous beaded bridal bouquet calls to mind the gilded age and would be ideal for any bride who loves a bit of vintage glitz and glamour. 

Burgundy Rose Gold Teardrop Brooch Bouquet

The burgundy rosettes of this beaded bouquet make it great for a festive, Christmastime wedding.

Pearl Satin Rose Beaded Bouquet

This silver beaded bouquet padded out with cream rosettes is a gorgeous compromise between beaded bouquets and traditional floral ones.

Round Burgundy Beaded Bridal Bouquet

No matter what your wedding’s theme, this beaded bouquet with burgundy rosettes, golden vintage brooches, and silver brooches of flowers and stars has it all.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re going for a warm and elegant wedding theme, a pink and glitzy princess theme, or a destination wedding on the beach or in a woodland, we hope our article has helped you find the perfect beaded bouquet inspiration!