What Does A Traditional German Wedding Venue Look Like?

German weddings have a lot of traditions and customs that make them different from other countries’ celebrations. But when it comes to venues there is one main difference that makes German weddings special – Standesamt.


The main difference stems from the legalities. To become officially married in Germany the couple needs to appear before the city registry office in a ceremony called Standesamt.

You can read more about what that means in our link above, but essentially the couple doesn’t need to complete a big wedding day to get married. This trip to the registry office is all they need.

Of course, just because the legalities have been set doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy a large celebration. Many couples will book their Standesamt and their wedding just a couple of weeks apart.

So what do those weddings look like?


As with most Western countries, Germany’s most traditional venue is a church. There is a large Christan and Muslim population in Germany which means churches and mosques are the two most popular religious-based venues in the country. If you want to find one close to you, click on the link above.

Churches are still the most popular of the two religious venues, and in them, you can expect to talk to a priest who will explain how the wedding will be performed.

Although this is a formal affair, you can expect the bridesmaids and groomsmen to play tricks on the new couple as a reminder to keep the joy in their love.

Castles And Estates

Because Germans don’t equate marriage with religion, many people prefer to celebrate their wedding in grand or beautiful locations. There are so many buildings in Germany that have history and culture as part of their foundations. Many rich and famous people try to invest in these monuments, to own a fraction of the beauty and history of the land.

Depending on the era in which these buildings were created, you can expect slopped red brick roofs, towering gothic structures, or a mixture of rounded and squared-off foundations.

Getting married in these buildings isn’t just an excuse to see beautiful structures, it’s a chance to reconnect to history.

What Are The Most Beautiful Wedding Venues Which Connect To German History

To really get the most out of the wonderful culture and traditions of German history, you need a venue that shows you these details without the need for an interpreter.

We are going to showcase these beautiful destinations and explain what makes these buildings so remarkable.

Burghausen Castle

Burghausen Castle

The origins of Burghausen Castle have a long winding history. We can tell from the brickwork that it was first created in 1025, back in the early Bronze Age.

The main work on the building, which we can still see today was created in 1255, and commissioned by Duke Henry XIII.

Buildings such as these often get destroyed through wars or natural decay, as they get passed down from generation to generation. However, this castle continued to develop through the centuries.

Burghausen Castle was extended between 1392 and 1503 as the Duke of Bavaria-Landshut wanted fortifications on the castle which lived on top of a hill. Because of these defenses, the castle became important to the military. In 1505 the Landshut War of Succession meant that unfortified castles were toppling as Burghausen stood strong. All of that work made Burghausen Castle the world’s longest castle.

Bavaria is separated into Upper and Lower. Upper is where you can find Burghausen Castle, and lower is where you can find Weltenburg Abbey. Although the Abbey is gorgeous, you cannot get married on the grounds, but that shouldn’t stop you from exploring the breathtaking views.

Back to the gorgeous Burghausen Castle, wars came and went, and owners of the castle continued to amend and re-structure this castle made for battle. However, in 1899, destruction turned to art, as Maximillian Liebenwein constructed a tower in the castle to allow him to paint from high in the air.

With all of these changes, Burghausen Castle shows a story in its architecture. Most of the castle was created in the Gothic style, but Bronze Age, late Gothic, and many other architectural zeitgeists can be seen in the formation.

Arguably the most unexpected of these zeitgeists can be seen in the Liebenwein Tower’s interior. Maximilian Liebenwein decorated his painting room in the Art Nouveau style (Jugendstil) which includes delicate and curvaceous characteristics.

If you want to get married in a place of beautiful architecture which shows the history of Germany along with the changing styles of beauty and culture, the Burghausen Castle is where you should go. You can pick from two stunning chapels on the grounds, either Heqdqigskapelle or Elisabethkapelle. You can invite 100 guests to bask in the well-maintained history of Germany.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle

The Neuschwanstein Castle is like a palace out of a Disney story. If you’ve ever had a princess fantasy, you can live your dream by walking through this beautiful building. It was built on top of a large rock ledge that overlooks Pöllat Gorge, located in the Bavarian Alps.

Unlike the Burghausen Castle, this beautiful building doesn’t have an impressively old history. But that doesn’t mean its history is underwhelming. The castle was ordered into creation by King Louis II – also known as Mad King Ludwig.

He made the order in 1868 but it was never completely finished. King Louis got his name by using his royal revenues to make grand structures, invest in private endeavors, and spend on lavish parties. No matter what his council said, King Louis II couldn’t be controlled, which led many people to believe he was insane.

During his financially chaotic reign, Louis created many enemies. At the age of 40, he died by drowning. It was officially declared a suicide, but King Louis was a strong swimmer and the water wasn’t waist deep.

The mystery of his death continues to this day because the amazing structures he left behind cannot be ignored. King Louis got his inspiration from the Hohenschwangau Castle which he lived in during his childhood. That castle is part of legends, as poetry and literature have been written with that castle in mind.

King Louis wanted to create his own legendary building, so designed and ordered this fairy-tale castle.

Because it was built in the late 1800s, this castle became distinct in its own right. It wasn’t just the perfect replica of what we now consider to be a princess castle, it also included the modern technology of its time. Built in an era when castles were no longer necessary, this medieval design also had flushing toilets, hot water on taps, and central heating.

Unfortunately, you can’t get married inside the castle itself, but you can get married on the grounds of this beautiful structure. The most amazing part of the building is the mesmerizing architecture, so you will not be missing out on its beautiful views.

There is a lot of land around the castle as well, so if you want the backdrop of this beautiful architecture in your wedding photos, travel to the surrounding lands and get married there instead.

Frankenstein Castle

Frankenstein Castle

Frankenstein castle has an unusual history. Many people believe that this castle was the inspiration for Mary Shelley’s gothic novel Frankenstein (or as it was originally called The Modern Prometheus). The castle is considered an offbeat attraction for historical importance without the crowds.

Written in 1818, the story followed a young scientist called Victor Frankenstein. He attempts to create life and does so using electrical science discovered in the Enlightenment era of the novel’s creation. However, although he learns to create life, Frankenstein doesn’t know how to nurture it. He abandons his son, calls him a monster, and horror ensues.

Shelley is said to take her inspiration from the alchemist experiments she witnessed on her educational tour around Europe. We know she visited the Rhine River just 17 kilometers (or 11 miles) away from Frankenstein Castle which led many people to believe that her gothic imagination used this historical landmark as her visual inspiration.

Frankenstein can be broken down into two words – Frank and Stein. The Franks were an older Germanic tribe, and the word “Stein” means stone. Many historians believe that the Frankenstein Castle is named this way as it was the “Stone of the Franks”.

The building has been around for centuries, but the oldest confirmed document which proves its existence dates back to 1252.

There are many myths and legends which surround this area. Of course, there are the obvious ones such as Frankenstein’s monster coming back to harm those who abandoned him, or Lord George and the Dragon who live in the overgrown garden. But there are many more such as the Fountain of Youth, the Gold Rush, and the suspicion of ghosts.

If the idea of a haunted or gothic wedding sounds wonderfully spooky to you, you should book your special day with this castle.

Ettal Abbey

Ettal Abbey

The Ettal Abbey is one of the most beautiful monasteries in Germany. As with every gorgeous archeological site in the country, you can find this structure in Bavaria. This time the building is within the village of Ettal.

The beautiful ornate design can be traced back to Emperor Ludwig. In 1330, the emperor was coronated in Rome and made one of his first acts as Emperor around trade agreements. The agreement was based on a trade route between Augsburg and Italy, but on the tour of the land, Emperor Ludwig’s horse stopped and bowed. He bowed three times in a moment that felt symbolic.

As a tribute to the spiritual connection Ludwig’s horse had to the area, a statue of Madonna and a Child (also known as Ettal Madonna) was created.

It wasn’t long until a church was created in the honor of this spiritual event. It took 50 years for the gothic abbey to complete construction but by 1370 the church was created.

The building was passed from pillar to post and new rulers came and went, but in 1803, the abbey was dissolved of its religious value.

From this point, the Abbey was sold as a beautiful historical building, allowing people to refurbish its aged parts.

After the second world war, the abbey was christened again and became part of the Second Vatican Council.

Now the abbey is used as both a religious house, a school, and a brewery. The building has been kept fresh and as beautiful as the day it was first created, which means the religious history of this blessed building can still be felt today.

There are many hotels near this church, each with a beautiful view of the amazing venue. However, it can get very popular so if you hope to get married at this abbey, you’ll need to book it fast.

Franz Marc Museum

Franz Marc Museum

Moving away from the medieval designs of the Neuschwanstein Castle and the gothic architecture of the Burghausen Castle, the Franz Marc museum has a post-modern design that symbolizes the artwork you can find inside.

As you can guess from the name, this museum is dedicated to the life work of Franz Marc. The German painter and printmaker was one of the key figures during the German Expressionism movement. Famous paintings such as “Scream” and “Starry Night” fall into this category as the movement represented subjective perspectives, and depicted emotional experiences.

Germany has many famous museums for you to explore, including the world-famous Christmas Museum. But none of them capture the beauty of expressionism like the Franz Marc museum. Inside the building, you will find famous paintings created by Franz Marc along with insights and connected works that historians have pieced together.

During the early 1900s, German painters and filmmakers were dominating the artistic world. Their expressions and creations inspired millions and even though art has moved away from this subjective perspective, Franz Marc and others like him still influence the images we see today.

If you want to get married surrounded by priceless paintings, you can book the viewing room of this famous museum. Along with the booking, you will receive a guided tour through the worlds of Franz Marc to add history and culture to your traditional wedding.

Chocolate Museum – Imhoff-Schokoladenmuseum

Chocolate Museum - Imhoff-Schokoladenmuseum

Speaking of museums, there is more than one famous historical landmark for you to get married in. The Imhoff-Schokoladenmuseum was opened in 1993 and shows the entire history of chocolate. This means you’ll learn more than the Germanic chocolate industries which dominate the world at the moment, you will also learn about the Aztec, Olmec, and Maya histories which brought chocolate to this part of the world.

Germany is known for many things – chocolate is one of them. German chocolate is so well-loved, that many people move to our country to enjoy these sweet creations at their source. Although Germany has a lot to offer in terms of traditional cuisine, chocolate is something we cannot ignore when it comes to heritage.

Inside the Imhoff-Schokoladenmuseum you will experience a Willy Woka-style exploration of chocolate fountains, praline sculptures, and Lindt games for special prizes.

Although the museum is all about chocolate, that doesn’t mean their restaurants are devoid of any hearty meals. They can cater large events as you overlook the River Rhine in a dreamy setting.

Berlin TV Tower

Berlin TV Tower

You may not think that the Berlin TV Tower or Fernsehturm Berlin is a romantic place to get married, but this building is one of the tallest structures in Europe and has become a prominent symbol of the country. When people make movies about Germany, they often include this structure in the panning view.

Booking the very top floor, you can get married 368 meters in the air with a 360-degree view of Berlin.

The building has a beautiful restaurant for your guests to enjoy. Many people climb the stairs of the tower simply to sit in the rotating restaurant up in the air, or head to the viewing deck which stands at 203 meters in the sky.


When you get married you want to surround yourself with beauty and magic. The area which will really bring that magical feeling to life is the venue. Get the venue right, and everything else will fall into place.

Although some people might want to get married on riverboats, in theme parks, or in vineyards, there is something enchanting about getting married in a traditional or historical location.
There are some amazing places to explore in Germany, but the venues we have listed above truly match the magic of the country. Whether you want to be surrounded by gorgeous artwork, or capture the setting sun along a fairy tale castle, these venues will give you the magical feeling that a newly wedded couple deserves.