When it comes to your wedding photographs, you will want every inch of them to be perfect.

This includes the backdrop but a lot of wedding couples tend to find out at the last minute that they don’t have a great place to take their photos. 

So, avoid being one of those couples with less than perfect wedding photos by preparing in advance!

Check out these ten amazing ideas for string and hanging backdrops that you can use during your wedding.

Maybe, you will find the best one for you and your wedding right here! 

1. Outdoor Fairy Lights

One of the most popular hanging backdrop decorations found at weddings is fairy lights. These are bright, warm lights that hang on long strings and can be used to decorate a variety of different backdrops. 

While you can use them to make curtains, arches and more, this idea of using them to decorate outdoor trees is a great way to make a stunning backdrop for your wedding photographs.

The lights can hang from the branches to make a dazzling backdrop that is perfect! 

2. Foliage

Another popular hanging backdrop for weddings is foliage. 

Whether it’s just a small bit of greenery or an entire backdrop curtain made from leaves and plants, a foliage backdrop is a great way to bring color and vibrancy to your wedding photos.

So, using a hanging foliage piece can help turn a blank wall into the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos (and also as the backdrop for your ceremony too!). 

3.  Macrame Wall Backdrop

Macrame is a type of textile that is made by knotting lots of pieces of cord.

This technique is used to make some amazing backdrop pieces and curtains, so it makes sense to use one as the hanging backdrop for your wedding ceremony and photographs. 

In fact, macrame works great for rustic, bohemian, or outdoorsy weddings and can also be used for chair decorations, table runners, and more.

So, you can use this backdrop to create a theme that runs through the decor of your wedding. 

4. Flowers

Whether you use string or ribbons, making a hanging backdrop using flowers is supereasy.

All you need to do is collect flowers which suit your wedding’s theme and color scheme, then tie one end around the flower and hang from a higher place. 

Some couples use pre-made arches for this backdrop while others prefer to hang the flowers directly from the branches of real trees to make a canopy of flowers.

Whichever you prefer, the outcome is sure to look amazing.  

5. Fabric Curtains

An easy hanging backdrop you can use for your wedding is to simply hang a large piece of fabric as a curtain.

This fabric can be any color you choose and can suit your wedding’s color theme. It can also be any type of fabric – silk, cotton, velvet, whatever you choose. 

Some couples even choose to hang multiple strips of fabric, creating more texture and also allowing to mix different shades of color.

This allows you to bring more vibrancy to your wedding and you can also add additional decorations such as flowers and foliage to decorate the edges of the curtain.  

6. Jars

This hanging backdrop idea is an ideal one for rustic weddings as they are very easy to make yourself.

All you have to do is hang a jar from a high place (such as the beams of a barn, tree branches, or a pre-made arch) and fill them with whatever you choose! 

Some couples fill their jars with flowers, others with fairy lights or candles.

Whatever you choose, your hanging jars will make an amazing backdrop for your ceremony and wedding pictures. 

7. Customized Backdrop

If you want to make your backdrop something special, then ordering your own customized backdrop is a great way to bring your own special touch.

This backdrop idea is more than just hanging up a large white sheet because it will contain a quote or saying that speaks to both you and your new partner. 

You can include romantic quotes from your favorite movies or books, blessings from your family, or even just your surname and the date of your wedding.

This can turn your backdrop into a touching decoration that you can keep with you for the rest of your life. 

8. Garlands

Paper garlands are an easy backdrop to get as you can either to make yourself or purchase from a store.

You can decorate them any way you want using easy materials such as string, paper and issue, plus you can customize the colors.

Once hung up, you can make a curtain of color and string that is a perfect backdrop for your wedding. 

9. Picture Frame

This backdrop idea is actually more of a foreground decoration that you and your guests can use to take fun, quirky pictures on your wedding day. 

It involves making your own frame out of card, including the wedding couples’ surname (or first names) and wedding date, and any additional decorations you wish.

You then hang the frame up on string and anyone can then stand within the frame to take the photo. 

This idea transforms any dull backgrounds into an afterthought as all the focus will be on the center couple and the frame itself. 

10. Lightbulbs

Finally, a great way to make a rustic backdrop for your wedding is to use light bulbs.

Not only will they glow and provide you with plenty of light for silhouette photographs, but they are easy to set up and hang from beams, branches, and pre-made arches.  

Final Thoughts

So, those were just ten easy but amazing string and hanging backdrop ideas you can use for your upcoming wedding.

Try them out so you will have somewhere to take amazing photographs or use during your ceremony. Enjoy!