Bridal sashes are a type of accessory that brides can wear on their big day but unlike the fun sash you drape across the shoulder during your bachelorette party, a bridal sash is much more like a very elegant belt. 

However, this small accessory can cost quite a bit of money but many brides love them as they act as the final touch to their wedding ensemble.

A great bridal sash can completely transform a look, but not all brides are able to afford one. 

So – why not make your own? 

Here we are going to be taking a look at DIY rhinestone bridal sashes so you can find out how to make your own along with some inspirational designs you can channel for your own.

So, check out the guide below to make your very own rhinestone bridal sash! 

How To Make Your Own Rhinestone Bridal Sash 

Making your very own DIY bridal sash using rhinestones is actually a very easy process although it will take a lot of time and patience.

This is no problem for artsy and craft-oriented brides but if you ever find yourself struggling, you can always ask your bridal party to help you out. 

First you will need to gather all of your supplies. This of course includes your rhinestones and your bridal sash, but you will also need tools such as some pins, a hot steam iron, a tailors clapper (a block of fine smooth wood will do just fine), sewing supplies, strong hot glue, tweezers, wax paper, and toothpicks to help you make a nice, clean bridal sash. Which tools you need the most will depend on your method of making your rhinestone bridal sash. 

There are two main ways of making a rhinestone bridal sash.

One method includes buying a rhinestone applique which comes in a pre-made pattern that you can sew onto your sash.

The other involves individually gluing the rhinestones onto your sash by hand. 

The Applique Method

If you choose to use an applique, then take your sash and fold it in half to find the center.

Make a crease with your nail and then unfold it. Line up the applique and pin it into place so it doesn’t move around and become askew. 

Then, taking your hot steam iron, apply steam to the front of the applique.

Be careful not to melt the rhinestones – just apply enough heat to help ‘glue’ the applique to the fabric of your sash.

Then, flip it over and apply the iron to the back of the sash across the applique. 

Unpin the applique, take your sewing supplies and start to sew the applique to the sash by hand.

This will take some time and patience but it will securely attach the applique to the sash and once done, it will be ready for wearing! 

The Glue Method

This second method will force you to place each rhinestone individually onto your sash.

Not only will this take a lot of time, but it can also get messy as you will be using E600 glue and various tools to help ensure each rhinestone is in the correct place. 

First, you can either draw your design onto the sash itself using a very light pencil or just get down into it – it’s up to you.

There are tons of designs you can copy (we will take a look at these later) just make sure you are happy with the design first before you start making permanent changes to your sash. 

Once you are ready you can set down the wax paper and start gluing. 

Using your E600 glue and additional tools (such as tweezers, toothpicks, etc) glue each individual rhinestone into place.

This method will take a lot of time and patience – much more than the previous applique method – but it also allows you to create your own completely unique designs and save money on purchasing the applique. 

So, if you are seriously into crafts or hate sewing, this might be the method for you! 

Bridal Sash Inspiration!

In this final section, we are going to be taking a look at some great rhinestone bridal sashes so you can find some inspiration for your own.

You can either copy the design while doing the gluing method or use some elements to design your own pattern. 

Take a look at the choices below to find the right one for you! 

Silver Leaves

If your wedding goes heavy on the foliage and flowers, then you will want to incorporate these themes into your clothing too.

While some brides opt for flowers in their hair or jewelry, why not make a pattern of silver leaves on your sash using rhinestones? 

This pattern will take some time to complete as it will completely encircle your waist but as you can see, the results will be stunningly beautiful. 

Fun With Flowers

This design puts flowers at the center by repeating the same smaller pattern over and over again.

This makes it a very easy pattern to follow and a lot more simplistic than some other designs – making it a great choice to try out if you are using the gluing method! 

So, if you want an easy pattern to add to your bridal sash, this rhinestone flower pattern is a great one to choose. 

Just Add Roses

You aren’t just limited to rhinestones to help make your bridal sash.

Some brides also use additional materials such as pearls and beads.

This bride has decided to add some roses to hers to help take up the center of the design. 

The result is a gorgeous yet simplistic sash that is much quicker to make yet still breathtaking. 

From The Center

And finally, this design includes a huge pattern in the middle of the sash that ripples out, changing and growing smaller as the pattern stretches out from the center.

This is a popular technique used for bridal sashes – and one you may want to try out with your own. 


So, that is how you can make your own DIY rhinestone bridal sash! 

Take a look up at the inspirational designs above and to find a guide for the best DIY method for you. Give it a try!