At first thought, many people may not believe that shades of green and shades of pink can go together. They seem to clash, given that they are so different from one another.

This can be true, depending on which shades are used.

Chartreuse is a yellowish-green, similar to a lime green, and coral is a pinkish-orange. Since orange and yellow are next to each other on the color wheel, and the two aforementioned shades contain each of those colors, chartreuse and coral actually work pretty well together.

In recent years, chartreuse and coral have been popular choices for weddings. In fact, if you have clicked on this article, you may even be debating whether to use this duo of hues for your own special day.

So, in this article, we have listed some images and ideas for inspiration for a chartreuse coral wedding. Take a look, and see what you think.

1. Roses And Limes

While limes aren’t technically chartreuse, as we previously mentioned, chartreuse and lime are fairly similar shades of green. And, as you can see in the images above, the fruit works so well alongside coral-colored roses. 

Think about what food and drink can be used to suit this theme… e.g., strawberry and lime margaritas. 

2. Coral Dresses And Chartreuse Bouquets

This vibrant shade of coral certainly makes a statement. If you dress your bridesmaids in this shade of bright coral, they will be seen from miles away. 

Add coral-colored roses and chartreuse flowers into the bride’s bouquet, and you’ll have a bridal party that cannot be missed by the human eye. 

3. Chartreuse Decor With Coral Flowers

Chartreuse is a color that works perfectly for summer weddings, or even weddings held during the spring. With a little coral thrown into the mix, you have the perfect blend of vibrant colors.

4. Coral Dress And Chartreuse Decor

This dress is something taken straight from a fairy tale. Look a little closer, and you will notice chartreuse-colored flowers hung from her arms. The floral designs are so beautiful and feminine, and will work perfectly for a group of bridesmaids.

5. Coral And Chartreuse Tie And Flowers

Remember the days when the color pink was seen as being a girly color? If you ask us, coral works just as well on the groom’s tie as it does in the bride’s bouquet. This shade adds a soft touch to the suit.

6. Coral And Chartreuse Bouquet

As we mentioned before, coral and chartreuse colored flowers work so well together in a bouquet. They create visions of spring, or early summer, and are the perfect combination to use for a sunny, outdoor wedding.

7. A Coral And Chartreuse Ceremony

This image displays a wedding that used a darker shade of coral, but a shade of coral nonetheless. The reddish tones add a warmer feel to the occasion, and the use of it in the bridesmaids’ dresses and the flowers is absolutely incredible.

8. Chartreuse Dress And Coral Decor

This image was taken from an engagement party, but there is absolutely no reason at all that you can’t take inspiration from it for your wedding. 

The light chartreuse dress, along with the matching decor, looks amazing, and fits particularly well with the use of white on the groom’s suit, and the remainder of the decor.

9. Chartreuse And Coral Decor

The best part about using chartreuse for a wedding, or any shade of green, is that it works so well when a wedding takes place outdoors. Grass is green. Trees are green. Nature is green! Paired with some shades of pink, the outcome is truly breathtaking.

10. Coral Bridesmaids With Chartreuse Bouquets

Just because the bridesmaids are dressed in brighter colors than the bride does not mean they steal the attention away from her. Here, the bridesmaids’ bouquets are white and chartreuse, while the bride’s is a mix of white, coral, and chartreuse.

11. Coral, Chartreuse, And Orange Wedding Cake

Why limit yourself to only two colors? Orange works so well with the combination of coral and chartreuse, creating a citrusy vibe that works perfectly for a summer or spring wedding. This floral cake looks too good to cut into.

12. Chartreuse And Coral Bride And Groom

The bride and groom do not necessarily need to match, but it looks great when they do. With matching coral roses, and the bride wearing a light chartreuse yellow dress, this couple stole the show on their special day.

Final Thoughts

Whether you prefer pastel shades, or something more vibrant, there are so many ways you can use these hues to create a special, unique look for your special day. You can even mix it up, using bright shades of coral alongside pastel shades of chartreuse yellow.

It is fairly clear why so many couples are opting to use these two colors for their weddings. They are eye catching and showstopping, creating unique designs for dresses, bouquets, cakes, and overall decor for the wedding and after party. 

If you find yourself leaning more towards one of the colors, don’t be afraid to add a little of the other to compliment the primary hue. If you want your bridesmaids to wear bright coral dresses, add some chartreuse flowers to their bouquets. 

We hope this article helped you realize how great chartreuse and coral – and other shades of pink and green – go together, especially for an outdoor wedding. 

Good luck!