Centerpieces are important pieces of decoration used at most wedding receptions as they have the power to turn a boring collection of tables into a fabulous space for a party.

However, every couple wants their own unique centerpieces whether it’s flowers, candles, or sculptures. 

One popular idea for a centerpiece is using blocks – but blocks of what? And how? 

Here we are going to go through some of the most beautiful block centerpieces that have been used at weddings.

This way, you can find the inspiration you need to make your very own. So, check out the ideas below to see if there is one that’s right for you and your wedding! 

Wooden Blocks And Flowers

Flowers are most commonly used as centerpieces during receptions but if you want to shake things up or are afraid that your floral centerpieces look too small, then combine them with some wooden blocks to help give them height and importance. 

This idea has used plain wooden blocks to help boost their floral centerpieces.

The top of each block is delicately decorated with floral heads, leaves, and small pieces of foliage to help bring color and vibrancy to the table.

It also gives the decor a more rustic feel that is perfect for natural weddings.

So, combine the two ideas together to create something completely new and unique! 

Block Table Numbers

This centerpiece idea kills two birds with one stone as it allows you to clearly number each of your tables at your reception.

Numbering your tables is an important part of the decor as it helps your guests (and waiters) find each table with ease – so give this idea a try to blend the centerpiece with the table numbers. 

The table number is clearly written on a block of wood and placed on a natural log block to help give it height and naturally blend it into the tablecloth.

With the addition of some candles and a little bit of greenery, each component comes together to make a rustic centerpiece that is practical as well as beautiful. 

Tree Sliced Log Blocks

Setting your flowers and candles straight onto the tablecloth of your reception tables can make the decor look unfinished or hastily added.

As a result, some kind of stand is needed underneath to give the decor height to make it the centerpiece of the table. 

A great way to do this is to add your decor onto a wooden block but don’t use just any old block of wood.

Find yourself a slice of three that resembles a natural log as they are far more intricately designed and match the flowers and foliage at your wedding with ease. 

This idea for a tree sliced log block centerpiece leans into the ‘tree’ aspect even more by including pieces of moss, smaller blocks of tree log, and even uses woodburning techniques to add designs.

It’s a rustic and natural idea, which is great if you are having an outdoor wedding. 

Spell It Out

If you are using long tables for your reception, then you will have the space to use small blocks to help spell out words.

This means that each small cube will feature a letter and can be arranged to make words as your centerpiece for each table. 

This couple used their blocks to spell out ‘thanks’ to their wedding guests, while others chose to spell the couples’ new surname, table numbers, or important words that are relevant to the day such as ‘love’ or ‘happiness’. 

Make Levels

This block centerpiece idea uses blocks to help lift the candles away from the (very flammable) foliage that helps decorate the middle of the tables.

If you plan on using candles to light your reception tables and adding plants to help bring vibrancy and color to the tables, then using blocks to boost your candles up and safely out of the way of the plants also works well as a great centerpiece. 

Arrange the blocks in any order you like – you can make a staircase, mix and match levels, or bundle them together in a circle for round tables. 

Painted Blocks

You don’t have to use your blocks as stands for other parts of your table decor, and instead make them the only and main focus. 

This idea involves painting images onto your blocks and using them as pieces of art as the centerpiece of your table.

As a couple, you can decide to paint specific moments in your relationship – for example, the place where you first got engaged, the faces of any children you may already have, iconography that symbolizes your first dates or milestones in your relationship. 

Final Thoughts

So, those are just some of the most beautiful block centerpiece ideas you can use for your own wedding.

They vary in purpose and design but check them out to find the right inspiration for your reception centerpieces right here!